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Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day

A little prayer, a little prozac and a cup of hot chocolate make any Mother's Day merry! Have a great one, all you fabulous ladies!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Sew Haute

Tada! Thanks to inspiration from Sew What! Skirts I now have a one of a kind, custom made (pattern free) skirt. This book was incredibly helpful in teaching the basics to help any gal bring out her inner fashion designer, regardless of sewing ability.
I think I originally bought this black material as a table dressing for my jewelry booth at the Saturday market last year, but now I put it to good use. Plus I had to find a way to use the fabulous patterned material I found on the dollar rack at Walmart. Now I have a little something to wear this summer that is light and airy, perfect for our up coming trip to Mexico.
I am such a fan of skirts and dresses. Now I just need to make a few casual skirts so I can walk around the house barefoot while baking bread and feeding my young'un. And where the heck are those chickens I keep meaning to feed?...

So, God is good. Remember last week when I vowed to find a horse to love on? I think I found my horse, or at least how to get back in the saddle. A lovely gal from my church has a daughter who is very into the horse scene in these parts. Sue had terrific recommendations on places to trail ride at a tremendously reasonable cost AND how to actually LEASE a horse monthly if I ended up really getting enthusiastic. I can't wait to throw on my cowboy boots and hat, leap on the back of a horse and ride like the wind (well, truthfully, I think a healthy trot may be all I'm good for to begin with. It's certainly been awhile.)

This has been a challenging week+ and all the time God has kept showing his goodness and faithfulness by providing me with loving friends and delightful experiences. I still fall apart, but I don't fall in despair. Thankfully I know all I have to do is ask and He is up for the challenge of loving me through each day.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

It's A Ceilidh, By Scots!

Auch, it was say good to get in touch wi' our Scottish roots t'day! Wi' a wee help from our good friend, Anissa, we had a bonnie time savorin' the tastes and sounds of the highlands.
Okay, enough with the accent... Held at San Gabriel Presbyterian Church -which is a lovely facility, by the way- this non-profit shindig featured the fabulous pipe and drum band the Silver Thistles and a group of Scottish Country Dancers.
The entrance fee was a donation of canned goods or toiletries to be given to a local charity. We were instantly surrounded by kilts and tartans, as well as several tables with crock pots full of cock 'o leeky soup and other Scottish fare. By far our favorite treat was the trifle. I forgot all about that lovely dessert!

Some darn tootin' good music!

Clad in my late grandma Lee's kilt I stood in front of the Scottish flags, my heart beaming with delight in sharing this wonderful experience with my son and our dear friend, Anissa. The Texas Highland Association's annual event is next month in Arlington where they will be hosting the International Scottish Games World Championship -very impressive. I would love to go, and who knows...we just might!

Well, with Savannah getting sheep herding lessons and Wilder and me connection with our heritage I just might have to send Brian a bagpipe to start practicing on while we folk at home take Scottish country dancing classes and bake some shortbread! We'll be speaking in Scottish brogue in no time!


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