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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Miss Davida

davida 25

Davida, the current Cities of America 2009 Miss Teen winner, had a reshoot with me this week since Saturday's afternoon light was too direct. Besides reshooting the gown pictures (coming soon) we also did some headshots in downtown Georgetown. I did her hair and make up and we had so much fun figuring out outfits, looks and shooting. I have yet to meet a more well rounded, articulate, thoughtful, darling and intelligent teen. Her parents must be so proud of this highly accomplished and balanced -and gorgeous- young lady. It was a privilege getting to spend a few hours with her, as well as capturing her on camera.
davida 6

Look at those gorgeous locks! It was awesome getting to put that 'do together. I only wish I was available to do her hair for prom this weekend, though I will be having a ball shooting a wedding in San Antonio!

davida 11

Yep, this girl can work. Send her to New York.

davida 21
Yeah, pretty incredible. Pretty darn incredible.
Davida, you're a doll -inside and out. God bless the amazing future ahead of you!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Cape Cod in Photos: Series 2

The sun came out and the camera was hard at work! Double click and view on Flickr to read the fun notes on these pics.

Cape Cod in Photos: Series 1

An accomplishment! I'm getting the pictures up, now just have to make notes on them in Flickr. Double click the slideshow to view directly from Flickr and you can read the descriptions! Oh, the stories to share...

Sun Day

Today is one of those days that is so filled with beauty, you feel like you're walking in slow motion. It's surreal. Spring is on its way out and Summer is at the doorstep, the thermometer announcing its arrival. Wilder gleefully gallivants outside, his honey hair tussled by the wind and Waverley sleeps against my chest in the baby carrier. I wish every day could be like today.

Life is beautiful.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Meet Maggie

This is the newest addition to our family -our extended family, that is. Meet Margaret Ruth. She has precious red hair and is as beautiful as can be, daughter of Mina and my cousin, David. It was a privilege to capture her at 1 week old during our visit in New York.
So much to love.
Tiny fingers.
Mina and her mother Margaret -and little Maggie.

Cities of America Miss Teen 2009

We rolled in late last night from our Memphis to Georgetown leg and are happy to be home. This morning I did make up for a wedding -the 4 bridesmaids and the lovely bride. I love being a part of such beautiful celebrations; weddings rock. After being a make up maven, I came home and prepped for an afternoon shoot with Miss Heavener, the reigning Cities of America Miss Teen 2009. She is not only gorgeous, but has such a beautiful personality. It was easy to see why she was crowned, winning the national title.

Time to transfer pictures from our roadtrip off the laptop and onto the desk top, then the fun begins! Editing, posting, sharing, stories.... This is going to be good.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Cape Cod to Baltimore

We hit the road and are headed back home to Texas after an amazing visit with family. The stories and pictures from our trip will gush from my fingertips to the website just as soon as we get home, so stay tuned!

We stayed in the heart of downtown Baltimore last night and are headed to Roanoke, VA with a stop over in Washington, D.C. for a quick little driving tour. We're planning on hitting up the northern section of the Blue Ridge Parkway to soak in the mountain views -hopefully the weather will be dazzling.

This has been quite an adventure, certainly very inspiring. We've relished the time with family.

Time to pack up and get the road wheels turning again!
Until next time!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

New York to Cape Cod

Typing away on the laptop with the baby in arm at an WiFi Pizzeria in Chatham, Cape Cod, MA. Life is good (though typing is a bit difficult.) My shoes are filled with sand and Atlantic salt water from a mishap photo op; the soggy feeling makes me happy. Aunt Ruth and Uncle Tom have Wilder at the Cape Cod condo (in Harwich) while Brian, Waverley and I have the afternoon off to explore. So far we've made it to Chatham and we've been captivated. Oh, the stories to share from the shop owners, the pictures of the coast (and now the soggy tennis shoes as a result.) It's been amazing.

Today we had clam chowder and a seafood bisque/chowder. I savored EVERY BITE. And the crab cakes -ugh! A-MAZING. Aunt Ruth knows where to get the best bites on the coast.

I don't have near enough time at the moment to catch you up, but we're loving our trip and all the family time. Seeing the cousins for the first time in over 10 years, and now having our kids play together -it's priceless.

Today is Aunt Ruth's birthday and she has given us the most wonderful gift of time with her. Happy birthday, Aunt Ruth! We have been so blessed by you.

Photos? Oh, you want to know where the photos are! Check the Flickr set -I've uploaded some more, though they are a few days behind. Still from our first day in New York. But we'll be keeping you posted when we can!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Tennessee to New York -the photos

Take a gander at a few of the shots from Tennessee to New York, days 2 and 3 of our roadtrip to the East Coast. You know, we're loving being on the road so much we just might sell the house and buy a trailer. Are we kidding? Well, we'll see...

Today we had a beautiful time visiting with my cousin, David, and his amazing wife Mina and their two fabulous boys and brand new baby girl. Oh, how I love family! I can't wait to get to the pictures of our time together. Tomorrow we'll go back to their house and I get to do a photo shoot with their new addition, Miss Margaret Ruth, and the family. This time truly is priceless.

Sending our love,
Kelly, Brian and the Ws

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Howdy, New York!

Well here I type, here in the great state of New York! Yesterday we accomplished Tennessee and moved into Virginia, staying over in Roanoke. As you may have noticed from our first vacation/road trip post, we nixed camping and went with hotels -now THIS really feels plush! We figured good night's sleep was worth dishing out a few extra bucks instead of doing our 10+ hour driving days with 2 hours of sleep and sore limbs. We are so glad we have beds!

So how come no one ever told me how gorgeous Virginia is, huh? It's so pretty -the hills are radical, I mean, they are REALLY intense! At least the hills in southwest Virginia. It starts to level out a bit as you go north. I can't wait to get to the pictures, even though they may be a bit blurry from zipping down the road. This is definitely an American experience.

Pennsylvania stinks. Literally. Dairy farms plus spring fertilizing equals very smelly roads. Try not to breath while driving through Pennsylvania. You'll regret it if you do. At least close your mouth -otherwise it tastes like you're eating....well, I'll stop there.

(Hopping up and down) New York is so pretty!! I adore the quaint little towns, the beautiful old houses, the big trees. This whole day has been an experience of being overwhelmed with the sense of history -we agree that it's as if we are in a different country. I love America!

I would love to fill you in with how the kids have been and details of the trip, but being a mommy never stops, especially when you're packed in the car together and now trapped in a hotel room (and your toddler is bouncing all over the furniture.) Time to resume my duties.
Tomorrow we get to visit with family and meet a brand new baby! So exciting!
TTFN, Ta ta for now!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Oh My Howard Johnson!

Can you believe I didn't take a single picture today until we landed at our hotel? Me neither, but it's true! So here we are at our hotel, chilling at tonight's home base. It's almost 11pm and both kids are wide awake. I think we're in for a lot more fun!

Georgetown to Memphis -The Roadtrip Begins

Howdy folks!
A quick post here since Wilder is jumping off the beds into a gigantic pile of pillows (occasionally missing and biting the dust on the hard carpet) and Brian's trying to watch the news while wrangling both kidlets.
We survived the drive from Georgetown to Memphis, day one of the 2nd Great Annual Roadtrip (with varying destinations.) Our babes are pretty good travelers and did remarkably well on our 10 hour drive. Hats off to them!
Okay, thought I'd have time to write, but duty calls! 'Til next time!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Cindy's Bridal Portraits

Oh. My. Goodness.
I love my job! Today I shot Cindy's bridal portraits in Belton and (mainly) Salado. I did her hair and make up at her family's lake condo -can I just say GORGEOUS- and Cindy, her parents and I piled into their car and we went off on a photo adventure with these just a token few of our fabulous results! For more, visit kellycameronphotography.com and click on the "Clients" page to view the photos Cindy gets to choose from. You'll be glad you clicked!

Friday, April 9, 2010

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Officially Texan

That's right, I'm officially Texan. I may have married a self-proclaimed Texan and birthed two, but Mama finally got the boots to make her one. Officially. I've got the driver's license and now the cow leather to prove it. Though the mountain ranges of Alaska still resound with my soul (or visa versa, rather) by these boots I claim citizenship.
Amen, hallelujah and pass the queso!

Mama likes.
Man, does Mama like.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Celebration Church Easter Service

Celebration Church's Saturday Evening Easter Service (6pm.) These were some of my favorite shots. What a totally cool service -the music was amazing, a great message, and an entirely epic event. Yep, it was...Epic!

Easter Brunch

We so enjoyed our Easter Brunch company! What a blessing to have such wonderful friends and family! Here are Bre and Adam, who asked me to shoot their wedding in September (so you'll see much more of them in the future.)
Bear, Kristine and Cody came, too -and what a delicious corn pudding Kristine made! It was wonderful meeting her and her son and Wilder LOVED his Uncle Bear time, as usual.
Megan and Caroline were too cute for words. We had a small, impromptu photo session in the studio to capture their Easter glow.

Lengthy discussions on the Amish, courtesy of Bre and Adam who are both from PA. We're working on a book highlighting our/their expertise on the subject. Oh, the joys of the Amish -a whole new world for Brian and I.
"Really? The Amish don't use rubber or plastics? Amazing. Just amazing..." Brian said.
Now we officially are sporting the "Little Prince" look. Not sure if it was the humidity or the shampoo I used on him that morning, but he certainly has some curly hair.
Papa and Wiley watching The Incredibles -or was it The Lion King? One of their favorite Disney's, which ever it was. I spy a sock that's missing. Oh, how I love my dudes.

Side note: Waverley decided it was a wonderful night to wake up at 2:30 AM and hang out with Mama. She's happily wriggling on the floor while I catch up on computer related business and fun (of which this is the latter.) Pa-LEASE go back to sleep, baby. Please!
The joys of mamahood.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter!

May the love of Christ embrace your heart in a new and beautiful way as you reflect on his sacrifice for you and take confidence in his almighty power. He has risen and given us each new and eternal life. Hallelujah!

Sending our love,
Kelly, Brian and the Ws


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