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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

The Day Off. Again | PhotoGoobers, I mean 'Photo Booth Fun With Children'

Today we partied, kinda.  Well, I spent the majority of the day on the computer doing things I know I couldn't accomplish that I wanted to before my next day off, and in between the kids and I partied.

First off were silly portraits a la photobooth style.  And, just like grown ups at weddings I shoot, all these kids wanted to do was try things on.  And not take pictures.  But, hey!  They had fun!

The next event of the day was creating a fort out of Waverley's bottom bunk with blankets, grabbing a backpack of snacks (sshhh, don't tell Brian we ate in their room,) the classic comedic adventure film "The Great Race" with Tony Curtis and Natalie Wood and my laptop for a cozy movie time.  They lasted a shocking 53 minutes before calling it quits.  And we headed outside for a round of kickball before having dinner and watching a family movie.

And at some point during the day I went to the bathroom.  Several times.
(I noticed the laundry list, so I wanted you to *know* I had a bit of relief today.  Rest assured.)

She did it.  And she likes it.
Her strength of character and confidence -fingers crossed she keeps it through life because, judging from how she is now, I see NO problems in the future.

The Day Off -the tradition continues.


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