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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Easter Friends

110424 Easter edits 1
These boots were made for walking.  Actually, these thrift-store finds (formerly recognizable as Thomas the Train boots) have transformed to slippers that Wilder insists on wearing on the wrong feet, tearing off sections of rubber and lovingly toting around most anywhere.  They're disgusting, but he loves them.  And they were part of his Easter outfit.

110424 Easter edits 2
We opened packages from both sets of grandparents and the kids had a lovely time sugaring up.  Wilder concealing a mouth full of jelly beans.

110424 Easter edits 3
The Family Easter shot.

110424 Easter edits 4
As I prepped for a late Easter lunch with friends, Waverley kicked off the celebration with a party tray of fruit.

110424 Easter edits 5
Oh, my little cheeseball.

110424 Easter edits 6
The celebrities arrived!  Jason Gerhart (leading man of "Out of the Darkness" we're currently filming) and his wonderful family from Los Angeles joined us for a day of fun!

110424 Easter edits 8
We popped in a movie after our meal and the kids settled down for a bit before we commenced the egg hunt.

110424 Easter edits 9

110424 Easter edits 11
Chalae and I --I mean, the EASTER BUNNY-- hid the eggs in the back yard while the daddies held the kids down inside, then we released the hounds.

110424 Easter edits 12

110424 Easter edits 15
"I have NO idea what we're supposed to be doing, but this is fun!"

110424 Easter edits 16
As an experienced egg hunter, Madison had the concept down.

110424 Easter edits 17
Balin (I know I spelled that wrong -sorry, Chalae!) was fascinated by taking Waverley's binki in and out of her mouth.  Such a funny pair; only a few months apart.

110424 Easter edits 18
Watching a video of himself with daddy.

110424 Easter edits 19

110424 Easter edits 20
The youngests were the easiest to photograph since they were more into flitting about than hunting for candy.  Too cute.

110424 Easter edits 21
Madison and Hudson sharing their spoils.

110424 Easter edits 22
Ready for his close up!

110424 Easter edits 23
Looks like trouble...

110424 Easter edits 24
The daddies.

110424 Easter edits 25

110424 Easter edits 27
Madison was helping Waverley accessorize.  Hooray for girl time!

110424 Easter edits 28
My favorite shot of the day.  Such a precious moment.

110424 Easter edits 29
"Hm...Look what I found!"

110424 Easter edits 30

110424 Easter edits 31
The peak of the entertainment was blowing up the balloons, then letting the air out, watching them zip around the yard.  I tried to fill the eggs with a fair amount of toys so it wasn't total sugar mania.  Still, Brian ended up tossing our collection of candy the next day when a handful of toddlers got into a bag and started bouncing off the walls.  Literally.
Balloons = endless fun.

110424 Easter edits 32
A woman on a mission.

110424 Easter edits 33
Good times.

We are so thankful for the time we've gotten to spend with this great family.  It's been inspiring and exciting hearing about their journey from the midwest to the west coast and what's happening in Tinseltown.  Looking forward to a few more days on set with such a great actor and hopefully another get together with their family before they head back to California.

What a way to celebrate new life!  Hooray for friends, new and old, near and far!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Making a Movie: Behind the Scenes of "Out of the Darkness"

110414 OOTD day 4 01
It takes all sorts of people to make a movie.  Wardrobe designers....

110414 OOTD day 4 02
Hair stylists...

110414 OOTD day 4 03
Production coordinators and assistants...

110414 OOTD day 4 04
Art department/props....

110414 OOTD day 4 05
Lead actors (Jason Gerhart)...

110414 OOTD day 4 08
Um...whatever his job title is (he imports all the footage, tags it, processes it, creates the dailies, and does all sorts of important things.  Like impersonating an European artist.)

110414 OOTD day 4 12
Make Up Artists (featuring Chloe Clark, who plays my daughter in the film)...

110414 OOTD day 4 13
Check out the goods.  Our faces truly are canvasses in the hands of these artists.  Love all those brushes.

110414 OOTD day 4 15
Chloe and her (real) dad, Scott.  Chloe is a remarkable actress.  She is nearly 16, but plays a pre-teen in the movie.  She cries on cue, has an amazing work ethic, is perfectly sweet and lovely and I want to keep her.  Alas, so does Scott and I think he wins.  Notice the creepy hand on the bed?  We were filming that day at a student hospital and the floor we were on had training dummies occupying every bed.  I am pretty sure several people wet their pants in surprise (I might have been one of them, but I'm not verifying that.)

110414 OOTD day 4 17
Waiting to start rolling.  Art dept, wardrobe and actors.  Jennifer rocks the doctor role.  I'd have her as my GP any day.  "Trust me, I play a doctor on TV."

110414 OOTD day 4 18
I have always been fascinated by casting.  These extras look exactly like nurses, don't they?  While on set for "Boston Legal" a few years ago, I was stunned and amazed how perfect for the various roles the extras looked.  You don't notice it really when you're watching a film or tv show, but when all those folks are gathered in a holding tent, in wardrobe and waiting around, it hits you, "Wow!  That guy DOES look like a lawyer.  She DOES look like a NYC business woman.  He looks JUST like a news anchor!"  Pretty neat.

110414 OOTD day 4 25
When you watch a show, you rarely ever think about the number of people crowded into a room that are off camera.  In this shot, you'll probably only see two people, but there are 12 busily working behind.

110414 OOTD day 4 27
And another half dozen in a traveling office set-up, coordinating the next days, making sure we're all fed, and negotiating with people and locations.

110414 OOTD day 4 32
Ah, the peaceful hospital room of a woman in a coma.  Filled with crew.  And fun buttons.

110414 OOTD day 4 34
Our talented Director of Photography, Michael Cano.

110414 OOTD day 4 35
Producer, Derek Lee Nixon.

110414 OOTD day 4 41
Head Make Up Artist, Chris Payne, and lead actor, Jason Gerhart (Jonah Thomas.)

110414 OOTD day 4 45
Margaret Williamson plays Jonah's mother.  She miraculously wakes from a coma to be with her daughter-in-law (me) and granddaughter (Chloe) while Jonah is in the middle of great physical and spiritual danger.  The Mother is the pillar of faith that helps Jonah's family through this difficult time.

110414 OOTD day 4 48
Our resilient, inspired, absolutely delightful writer/director/producer:  Danny Carrales.

110414 OOTD day 4 50
A lot of this happens.

110414 OOTD day 4 52
It's been wonderful getting to work with so many great people.  This is the largest role I've had in a feature film and it's totally cool getting to see what goes on behind the scenes on a big production.  Though this is a low-budget movie, it still takes a ton of money and man power to make happen.  Having gotten to know Danny and his wife, Aubrey (the inspiration for my character,) over the past months, it's beautiful witnessing his vision become a reality in this film.  I am honored and so blessed to be a part of this project.  And, to quote the film, "Now, let's see what God will do."

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

All Aboard The Zilker Zephyr: Family Fun in Austin, TX

110412 Train 06
I had an audition at noon in Austin and we decided to make a day of it.  I packed a munchy-style lunch for the family and Brian loaded up the kiddos, knocked out my audition (for print work) and headed out to ride the train.  The miniature locomotive, the Zilker Zephyr, in Zilker Park next to Barton Springs.

110412 Train 07
You see, we have a train enthusiast in the family.  Thomas the Tank Engine, PBS show "Dinosaur Train," the circus train in "Dumbo," and of course "Polar Express."  Wilder was purdy darn excited.

110412 Train 08
For under $10 we were all able to make the 25 minute journey together.  All Aboard!
Honestly, it felt like we were celebrating a birthday.  The sun, the fun, the family -pure goodness!  We will definitely take this outing again.  And the area is a WEALTH of family activity.  Barton Springs where you can splash in the chilly water, dog parks galore, an enormous playground next to the "train station," concession stand, outdoor theater (often) featuring Shakespearian plays, etc.

110412 Train 09
(Compliments of Brian)

I felt more a part of Austin life chugging along the tracks with Waverley on my lap, the boy behind me, than I have in ages -perhaps ever.
Highly recommend enjoying the train/park on a weekday if you can swing it.

110412 Train 10
(Compliments of Brian)

110412 Train 11
(Compliments of Brian)
Wilder cracked us up with his folded hands in anticipation of the ride.  We have never -NEVER- asked him or showed him how to sit with hands folded.  Not sure where he picked up some proper behavior...  Miss Erin?

110412 Train 12
I'm still laughing!

110412 Train 13

110412 Train 14
Captivated by the scenery.

110412 Train 15
(Compliments of Brian)
Miss Waverley was a hoot, too.  She insisted on holding onto the front rail with both hands for the majority of the trip.  More power to ya, sister.

110412 Train 16
Who's the Master of Fun?  Brian.  Ordered a large snowcone for the family to share after the ride.  It was quite a hit.
And who says not to eat the yellow snow?  It's tasty!

110412 Train 17
The kids loved the large playscape.  Shoes would have been a good idea, though.  A wee bit hot on the tootsies, but it encouraged them to say goodbye to the park and get out of the sun.  Besides, we can't keep shoes on these little people, anyway.

110412 Train 18
Das Babas.

110412 Train 19
Daddy's Darling.

110412 Train 20
Chin up, Mr. Seal.

110412 Train 21

110412 Train 22
*Sigh* It was a good day.  They screamed for all but the last 5 minutes home, but I'm sure it was screams of joy.  And tiredness.  But mainly joy.
I hope this spring/summer we take more adventures out and about Central Texas.
Let's plan on it.


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