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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Making a Movie: Behind the Scenes of "Out of the Darkness"

110414 OOTD day 4 01
It takes all sorts of people to make a movie.  Wardrobe designers....

110414 OOTD day 4 02
Hair stylists...

110414 OOTD day 4 03
Production coordinators and assistants...

110414 OOTD day 4 04
Art department/props....

110414 OOTD day 4 05
Lead actors (Jason Gerhart)...

110414 OOTD day 4 08
Um...whatever his job title is (he imports all the footage, tags it, processes it, creates the dailies, and does all sorts of important things.  Like impersonating an European artist.)

110414 OOTD day 4 12
Make Up Artists (featuring Chloe Clark, who plays my daughter in the film)...

110414 OOTD day 4 13
Check out the goods.  Our faces truly are canvasses in the hands of these artists.  Love all those brushes.

110414 OOTD day 4 15
Chloe and her (real) dad, Scott.  Chloe is a remarkable actress.  She is nearly 16, but plays a pre-teen in the movie.  She cries on cue, has an amazing work ethic, is perfectly sweet and lovely and I want to keep her.  Alas, so does Scott and I think he wins.  Notice the creepy hand on the bed?  We were filming that day at a student hospital and the floor we were on had training dummies occupying every bed.  I am pretty sure several people wet their pants in surprise (I might have been one of them, but I'm not verifying that.)

110414 OOTD day 4 17
Waiting to start rolling.  Art dept, wardrobe and actors.  Jennifer rocks the doctor role.  I'd have her as my GP any day.  "Trust me, I play a doctor on TV."

110414 OOTD day 4 18
I have always been fascinated by casting.  These extras look exactly like nurses, don't they?  While on set for "Boston Legal" a few years ago, I was stunned and amazed how perfect for the various roles the extras looked.  You don't notice it really when you're watching a film or tv show, but when all those folks are gathered in a holding tent, in wardrobe and waiting around, it hits you, "Wow!  That guy DOES look like a lawyer.  She DOES look like a NYC business woman.  He looks JUST like a news anchor!"  Pretty neat.

110414 OOTD day 4 25
When you watch a show, you rarely ever think about the number of people crowded into a room that are off camera.  In this shot, you'll probably only see two people, but there are 12 busily working behind.

110414 OOTD day 4 27
And another half dozen in a traveling office set-up, coordinating the next days, making sure we're all fed, and negotiating with people and locations.

110414 OOTD day 4 32
Ah, the peaceful hospital room of a woman in a coma.  Filled with crew.  And fun buttons.

110414 OOTD day 4 34
Our talented Director of Photography, Michael Cano.

110414 OOTD day 4 35
Producer, Derek Lee Nixon.

110414 OOTD day 4 41
Head Make Up Artist, Chris Payne, and lead actor, Jason Gerhart (Jonah Thomas.)

110414 OOTD day 4 45
Margaret Williamson plays Jonah's mother.  She miraculously wakes from a coma to be with her daughter-in-law (me) and granddaughter (Chloe) while Jonah is in the middle of great physical and spiritual danger.  The Mother is the pillar of faith that helps Jonah's family through this difficult time.

110414 OOTD day 4 48
Our resilient, inspired, absolutely delightful writer/director/producer:  Danny Carrales.

110414 OOTD day 4 50
A lot of this happens.

110414 OOTD day 4 52
It's been wonderful getting to work with so many great people.  This is the largest role I've had in a feature film and it's totally cool getting to see what goes on behind the scenes on a big production.  Though this is a low-budget movie, it still takes a ton of money and man power to make happen.  Having gotten to know Danny and his wife, Aubrey (the inspiration for my character,) over the past months, it's beautiful witnessing his vision become a reality in this film.  I am honored and so blessed to be a part of this project.  And, to quote the film, "Now, let's see what God will do."

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