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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Austin Tea Party!

A (mainly) photographic representation of our Austin Tea Party. The three hour event, which included a symbolic dumping of symbolic tea boxes into the symbolic Boston Harbor (Town Lake,) was fabulously attended! We were proud to be a part of a gathering of ordinary folks standing up for our basic rights, speaking up against the theft of our earnings for reckless and frivolous government spending.

MiMa and Boppa met up with us soon after we arrived and then the party really began!
One of the many families of patriots.

This was our (Wilder and my) second rally here on the steps of the state capitol. It was really Wilder's idea to go -but he needed a ride, so we joined him.

Whaddya know?! We found our dear friends, Patrick & Katie (and Co.) On Katie's birthday, no less! Happy Birthday, Katie! And what a pleasure to finally meet her dad, too (in orange.)
Ready for the march from the steps of the capitol down to the shore of Town Lake for the Tea Party!
I've never been part of a march before. I've done a 5 mile race where traffic was held up, but that was on a rainy day in little ol' Anchorage, AK. A march on Austin during rush hour -completely different.
Crossing over the bridge, viewing the site of the Tea Party Rally.

The reenactment of the Boston Tea Party. No tea bags were permitted in the lake and, as you can see, several teams were there to immediate scoop up the boxes "thrown" into the water. All in all, a gesture that the average American is fed up with the Feds being so friendly with our pocket books, quickly taking over our freedoms and destroying all that America was built upon.
How great to be a voice, a body, a representation of America, joining with others to stand up and say, "No More!"


Here's a little photo update of what we've been doing -hanging out at home and loving it!

Wilder's first ball cap. Stayed on all of two minutes, but he likes it.
Picking flowers in the backyard.

Playing in the tent with Mommy.

Wilder's latest trick is pretending to be a water fountain, so we've negated the use of juice in his cups until he stops being so "clever." Sip, spit, repeat.

This afternoon we're headed for the steps of the capitol to join in the Austin Tea Party. I'm sure there'll be a blog post to follow of the event. We are also preparing for our road trip/camping adventure to North Carolina! Thanks to Brian's folks I think we have all the camping gear we need and it's up to the master organizer (Brian) to get it all packed in to the truck, ready for our Monday departure. We're determined to hike a dozen (or so) trails, drink hot cocoa, make pancakes in the mornings, and wind up on the beach, gazing at the Atlantic (and I HAVE to have some fresh seafood!!) Hopefully we'll be able to post semi-regularly while we're on the road and share our adventures.

So, that's us! More to come....


On a drizzly Easter morning we loaded up and headed to Houston to celebrate with family! We got the car washed pretty good by all the rain and, wouldn't you know, the sun came out soon after we arrived and gave us a cloudless afternoon.

The men relaxed in the living room...
While us gals chatted in the kitchen.

Grandma Anne making up her Easter fried chicken.
Wilder's best friend, Bailey, helps him stack his cups ( a present from MiMa that he is utterly obsessed with!)
Wilder got his trousers soaking wet sitting in the puddles on the patio, so -off with the pants!
"You like my legs?"
Still the baby, Uncle Russ lets Wilder bottle up in his arms.
Completely bushed, Wilder konked out within minutes of loading up for our ride back. But not before we had a wonderful Easter dinner and visit with my family. I twittered my excitement and thankfulness to Brian for getting to spend this special day with my grandparents, aunt, uncle and cousins all through the drive there and back. Thank you, Grandma and Grandpa, for having us (particularly so short notice!) It was wonderful!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

My Little Heaven

Brian signed out on block leave (vacation) Sunday and we've been loving having Daddy home full-time, even though only Day Two. Around the 20th or so we will leave on a camping/road trip headed to North Carolina to hang out in the Smokey Mountains/Appalachians, though we hope to make it to the coast to dip our toes in the Atlantic. We decided to wait until the end of the month mainly so the weather would be a bit warmer since we're camping with a 1 1/2 year old. We'll do Colorado as a family later; it's too cold to camp in the places we wanted to visit this time of year. Speaking of camping, Brian is setting up our new tent in the backyard, timing himself to see how fast he can work. This is attempt number two; he set it up Sunday when we bought it but the 30 mile an hour winds made it a Herculean effort. Hopefully we won't encounter any heavy winds or rains on our trip -fingers crossed.

We are confirmed hermits. We've been out on a date once and gotten together with friends less than a handful of times since Brian came home, and it suits us just fine. My ambitions have greatly depleted, as well, and April's monthly goal will probably lead into May, etc: Getting Pregnant. Family, family time, family fun, family cuddling, family hikes, family meals -that's all I want right now. Seeing the three of us together, all I could ask for is more family. With Brian home I am happier and more content (and five pounds heavier) than ever. My being is overflowing with joy and satisfaction. I have always told Brian (and every day together it solidifies further) that I have never been happier in all my life than when we're together. My ambitions (career, etc.) are like rhinestones compared to diamonds when side by side with the happiness and fulfillment I receive from being Brian's wife and Wilder's mother. Lord, I couldn't be happier. Well, actually if I was pregnant.... which we soon hope will happen ;) I'm overjoyed to be a family again and we're loving every minute of it.

So that's what we've been doing and what we're getting up to. Wrapped up in each others arms and in our own little world. I hope you all are doing very well and I am sure I'll be back with the blogging bug soon. For now....I'm off to hang out in the tent with Brian ;)


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