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Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Here's a little photo update of what we've been doing -hanging out at home and loving it!

Wilder's first ball cap. Stayed on all of two minutes, but he likes it.
Picking flowers in the backyard.

Playing in the tent with Mommy.

Wilder's latest trick is pretending to be a water fountain, so we've negated the use of juice in his cups until he stops being so "clever." Sip, spit, repeat.

This afternoon we're headed for the steps of the capitol to join in the Austin Tea Party. I'm sure there'll be a blog post to follow of the event. We are also preparing for our road trip/camping adventure to North Carolina! Thanks to Brian's folks I think we have all the camping gear we need and it's up to the master organizer (Brian) to get it all packed in to the truck, ready for our Monday departure. We're determined to hike a dozen (or so) trails, drink hot cocoa, make pancakes in the mornings, and wind up on the beach, gazing at the Atlantic (and I HAVE to have some fresh seafood!!) Hopefully we'll be able to post semi-regularly while we're on the road and share our adventures.

So, that's us! More to come....

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Roccy said...

Your camping trip sounds like it's going to be amazing (especially the fresh seafood part). I can't wait to hear all about it!

On another (similar) note - do you like your tent? Where'd you get it? How many people does it hold? Chris and Colt are going on a camp-out in a few weeks, so we want to get one. Also, Colt's having a "camp-out" birthday party next month - we want a tent set up for the kids to play in (we're also having a "fishing pond," nature crafts, a campfire with foil dinners and roasting marshmallows, etc.).


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