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Friday, November 26, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

101125 01
This year we were blessed to celebrate Thanksgiving with my dad's family.  Aunt Ruth and Uncle Tom flew in from Boston, Aunt Carol and Uncle Russ hosted an amazing feast, and we got to see Grandma and Grandpa for the first time since Grandpa went through his chemo treatment.  Plus, we had a lovely visit with Russ's mom, June, visiting from New Jersey.  I'd say it was a pretty darn good holiday -and I've got the pictures to prove it.

101125 02

101125 03
Brian and Wilder getting creative with the outdoor toys while the kitchen was a bustle of activity and conversation.

101125 04
Aunt Ruth has the sweetest, easiest way about her.  She bring joy and a sense of calm wherever she goes and it's always wonderful getting to be with her.  We last got to visit when we drove up to Cape Cod this Spring and stayed at their lovely condo.  Here she and Bailey do some catching up.

101125 05
My beautiful cousin Bailey.

101125 06

101125 07

101125 08
The men were able to take in the game while we ladies chatted away.

101125 09
The stunning table setting.

101125 10
And I'm happy to report that Wilder did not smash a single plate or glass.  Phew!

101125 11

101125 12
Documenting Uncle Tom.

101125 13
The Gathering.

101125 14
The Feast.

101125 15
Hm...I'd like to go back in time one day exactly.

101125 16
Remington dishes.

101125 17
A little blurry, but I love this.  Brian and the babies.  My life; my treasures.

101125 18
Poor Sissy is teething and fighting a fever.  Here she is freshly woken from her 3rd nap of the day.

101125 19

101125 20
Ms. June.

101125 21
Our sweet little pumpkin's first taste of pie.  Happy 1st Thanksgiving, Waverley!

101125 22

101125 23
You can never run out of good stories with this crew.

101125 24
Aunt Carol and Waverley.
*Sigh*  I love being with family!

I am so thankful to be close to my dad's family and can't wait to do our annual holiday baking in December.  Grandma Anne has 3 classic recipes:  Divinity, Fudge and Sugar Cookies.  It isn't Christmas if we're not able to make them together.  But with the hectic holiday schedule, if we don't get in our tradition together I will certainly continue it at our home and send the love on to friends and family.

In many ways, being with family is sweet.
We hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving and are ringing in the holiday cheer as we kick off the Christmas season!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Whiskey Tastes Better in Utah

101121 300
Okay, hop in the car.  We're going to have some fun in Provo Canyon and Park City.  And it's snowing, so grab your cocoa and mittens!

101121 301
First stop: Sundance Resort, Robert Redford's little baby.  It's a ski resort, wedding destination, and all-around lovely place.  Jealous that I won't be there for the weekly showing of Christmas movies through December -OR the free movies starring Mr. Redford that show.  "The Sting" is on the first week of December.  Gggghhrrr....  Guess we'll just have to move, won't we.

101121 302
The hotel lobby.  Sweet, huh?

101121 303
Care for a lift?

101121 304
Snow much fun.

101121 300-2
To quote a movie title our gentleman had quite a bit to do with, "A River Runs Through It."

101121 301-2
Just like Christmas.

101121 307
Lovey dovey shots featuring my loverly hosts, Monika and Billy.

101121 308

101121 309

101121 310
And now for the unforgettable Kurt & Diane.

101121 311

101121 312
You know what I love about these shots?  It took less than 5 minutes to get all of 'em.  Often you don't need a whole lot of time for just a few stellar shots, but, quite honestly, that all depends on the couple.  Sometimes it takes them a while to warm up.  But even in the snow, these couples were hot and on it!

101121 313

101121 314
I love this one.  So candid.

101121 315
My fwiends.

101121 316
I threw the camera at Billy and he took a few of M and me.

101121 317

101121 318
Chilled steppin'.

101121 319
Okay, so I had a little fun being crazy with the editing.

101121 302-2
I love mountains, love, love mountains!

101121 303-2
Bobby's shack.

101121 304-2

101121 323
It was snowing pellets.  Kurt kept saying they looked just like dip-in-dots ice cream.  I caught a few in my mouth and nearly gagged as they pelted my glottal stop.  That's what it's called, right, Mom?  The dangly thing in the back of your throat?  That name gives me the willies.  Glottal stop.  *Shiver* Ooooooh!

101121 305
Welcome, y'all, to Park City, Utah!  Resort town, hub of The Sundance Film Festival, and home of very expensive shopping.  Oh, and skiing, too.  It's, how do you say, pretty big here.

101121 326
Shopping was on the list.  Some window shopped, others grabbed some great finds and took advantage of the sales, some did a bit of both (like me.  Currently wearing my $10 steal of a gourmet t-shirt.)

101121 324
Stopped in to warm up at a saucy spice store.  A little too hot for my taste, but several of our pals loaded up bottles of liquid fire.

101121 328
Round about town.

101121 329
At the bottom of this ski run you've got yourself a mighty fine whiskey distillery.  The oldest in Utah and they're happy to brag about it -and they have every right to!  Their whisky is mighty fine -and you're about to see/hear all about it.

101121 306
Original building from the 1800's.  First was a livery, then a garage, then...well, the list goes on.  Now it's a restaurant and whiskey distillery.

101121 307-2
Some fun art on the walls of High West whiskey distillery.

101121 332
We got a guided and highly informative tour of the High West.  Our charmingly gritty guide certainly knew his stuff.  Here we are in The Mashing Room where whisky first starts off as (take a guess....) beer!

101121 333

101121 334
Reflecting on the distilling process.

101121 335
"So, yeaaaah.  When are you going to stop talking so we can taste the whiskey?"

101121 308-2
Ladies & Gentleman, the tasting bar.  And the drinking bar.  But not the salad bar.

101121 337
Ever had a clear colored whiskey?  We did.  Aren't you jealous....  Should be, because it tasted like vodka and bananas.  Okay, I know it's a bit weird, but you had to be there.

101121 309-2
Billy the birthday boy!

101121 339
Care to browse the tasting menu?

101121 340
Nice people.

101121 341
Bourbon French Onion Soup with Gruyere.  Uh, YUM!

101121 310-2
Fondue, I do, I DO!

101121 311-2
Until next time, High West!

101121 344
Time for the most delicious birthday cake I believe I've ever had.  Monika, you're an amazing cook/baker!

101121 345
A happy birthday moment.  Now stop kissing and blow out those candles before the house burns down!

101121 346
Cozying up with Diane.

101121 347
The King of Energy & Creative Ideas, Kurt!

101121 348
Billy and Monika shared stories from the cockpit and the control tower about funny and terrifying experiences -some their own, others shared from friends and colleagues.  Since I thought I was surely going to crash when approaching Salt Lake, these stories made me feel MUCH better about what an airplane is capable of and that I wasn't nearly as close to the grave as I thought.  Phew!

I left this morning and returned home to my sweet kiddos, waiting now for the handsome hubby to arrive after a day of classes and a pit stop at the grocery store to restock a bit.  *Sigh* it's good to be home, and I relish the time I got to spend in my mini winter vacation.  My 1 1/2 days of snow and grown up time, catching up with my dear Monika after 12 years.
Now, it's time for her to plan her trip down to Austin...then the party starts!


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