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Monday, November 1, 2010

Almost Famous

I finally pulled the pictures and videos off our point-and-shoot this morning and look what I found!  Wilder's nearly almost sort of famous movie moment!

(Not sure what happened to my hair -ugh- but fortunately it doesn't look like that now.) This was at his audition for "The Man Who Never Cried," a short film about a man who, well, never cried.  Until the end of the film.  They were casting little kids who cried easily.  I got me one a those and, whaddya know?  He was cast!

But...they also cast two other kids in the same role.  And (weird) the role was for a 4 year old boy.  Wilder and one of the other kids weren't yet 3.  Anywho...

(Pardon the sideways picture.)  Wilder's 3+ hours on set were ridiculous.  They put us in a doorless room upstairs in the house they were shooting at and expected the kids to be quiet on set while they rolled tape.  Really?  I mean, REALLY?!

After 20 minutes of that nonsense, we asked if we could take the boys outside so they could, well, act like boys.  It was in the 90s, though fortunately there were a few shade trees.  And dog poop on the lawn.  And I rolled in some while being the ONLY parent trying to entertain the kids and still (STILL) keep them quiet for each take.  Besides being in labor, three of the most painful hours of my life.  I'll just say it was an adventure.  And thankfully he still got paid for it, even though they chose one of the other boys to play the role.

Backing up, the reason they cast 3 boys for the same role was so that on the day of the shoot at least one of the boys would cooperate and cry when needed.  Crazy thing is that Wilder was crying, but they picked the actual 4 year old to play the role.  Their choice, of course, and no hard feelings on that.  I just found it utterly ridiculous that they expected toddlers to be silent and not rambunctious, especially when they were cast because they through tantrums easily.

I know.  They don't have kids.

Oh, the joy.  "Quiet on set!"

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