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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Salt Lake Vacay

101120 230
Mommy is on holiday and I must stay, it's pretty glorious.  My friend Monika and her fiance Billy flew me over to Salt Lake City to visit for the weekend.  Brian's home with the kids, trying out the new double jogging stroller and being the excellent papa that he is while letting me enjoy a jaunt away.  I KNOW, amazing!

Monika and I went to high school together in Anchorage and we haven't seen each other in, what, 12 years?  Thanks to Facebook, we've reconnected and -tada!- I found myself in Salt Lake for the weekend!  Monika made the sweetest welcome gifts on my bed -and it was such a cozy, warm bed in which I got to sleep in WAY past my usual wakey-wakey time.  Heavenly.

101120 231
Monika is quite the cook.  A hot herbed ricotta dip with pita chips and endive as one of our appetizers.

101120 232
Stirring it up in the kitchen.  Hey, good looking, whatcha got cookin'?

101120 233
THIS!  Yummy, yummy stir-fry.

101120 234
Billy the birthday boy (on Monday.)  So fun getting to be part of the celebration!  And this wine was AMAZING!

101120 235

101120 236

101120 237
Billy's childhood friend, Diane, and her husband Kurt are here for the weekend, too.  VERY cool folks from Florida.

101120 238
The view from the house.  Yes, yes, glorious snow blanketing the landscape.

101120 230-2
After a delicious dinner, yummy dessert, drinks and some ridiculously funny stories (a whole slew of "What's your best blister story" and something about finding poop in the driveway...yeah, don't ask) we hopped in the car and hit the dance floor!  Which we totally rocked.  Back home for one of the sweetest night's sleep I've had in ages.  Still...I miss the family.

101121 240
Good morning kisses from Sassy, the sweetest little dog ever.

101121 241
Monika and Billy made yet another amazing meal for breakfast.  Such fabulous hosts.

101121 242
We're about to head out to visit Robert Redford's ranch, Sundance, and have dinner and whisky tastings at a distillery nearby while touring the area.  The snow looks like a thick blanket of confectioners sugar and I have a strong sense that a snowball fight is also on the agenda.

Yes, this is a very good weekend.  *Sigh*  Mommy's happy.

I love you, wee ones and handsome dude!  Thank you, again, for letting me enjoy this lovely time away with friends!  More photos to come...

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