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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

What I Missed

101108nov kids01
Today I missed my kids.  And my hubby.
I was doing a spot of acting, working on a corporate video for a little business called Verizon (you may have heard of them...) from early morning until evening, then had rehearsal for a film I'm shooting this weekend until 10pm.  Did I already say I missed my kids?  Well, I did.  Had fun, but I wish I could wake them up and go get some sweet snuggles right about now.

I was snapping a few photos of the kids at play and wanted to share how the little ones are growing and changing with each passing day.  Beware:  they're a bit filthy.  Wilder has chocolate all over his face, and Waverley is covered in yogurt.  They taste better that way.

101108nov kids02
We've GOT to do something about that hair...

101108nov kids03

101108nov kids04

101108nov kids05

101108nov kids06
Wilder's buddy, Lucas.  They play together every Monday and Wednesday day while his mother, Erin, and I take turns watching the boys while our daughters sleep and we mommies are productive.

101109nov kids07

101109nov kids08
No, he's not trying to catch snowflakes.  He's waiting for a big, squishy ball to land on his face.  Yes: he's crazy.

101109nov kids09
And I'm crazy about THIS!!!

101109nov kids10

101109nov kids11
*Sigh* I missed them today.  Tomorrow, they're all mine!

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Anonymous said...

I'm so so proud of you - on so many levels!
Love, Mama


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