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Monday, October 29, 2007

Labor, Delivery, and Our Fabulous New Family

We arrived at the hospital a few minutes to 6 am to check in. The dress I wore was one that when I tried it on at the store I knew right away I wanted to wear it to delivery. There is something to be said for inductions -you can look pretty and have plenty of time to relax and prepare for the big day. I mean, you wouldn't get married just sometime between, say June 1st and July 2nd and rush off in your p.j.s to the nearest church at 3 in the morning, would you? Granted, labor isn't something you can plan unless you get induced and most people don't elope, but thank goodness for those positive aspects of planned delivery.

We settled into the hospital room where everything would happen -labor, birth and recuperation. Brian played some soothing music on the boombox -"Prairie Lullaby" by Joe Weed and "Underneath the Onion Tree" by our fave, Bob Schneider. I was hooked up to the external fetal monitor and given an IV with the Pitocin drip and plenty of fluids. My doctor came in around 8:30, broke my water and then the fun began. Strong contractions increased to unbearable contractions within half an hour and we called the anesthesiologist in for the epidural. Thank Goodness! I got to experience the kind of contractions that bring on the tears, so I don't feel like I was "cheated" out of the labor experience. I'll gladly take the medication.

Not long after my legs went numb, as they do, and then... so did everything else. My mouth, my eyes -I felt like I was in a cloud. Plus I was nauseous and dizzy. After two hours of feeling totally drugged out, I told the nurse we needed to turn this thing down a notch because I'd rather be in pain and be conscious for the delivery of my baby than feel so doped up. They turned the epidural off for a few hours -when I could finally feel my legs again and wasn't sick to my stomach. Brian and I played a movie trivia card game and I channel surfed while I dilated further. I think we watched most of "Rainman" -we'll have to get it now that it is part of my birthing experience.

At 3:45 I was dilated far enough that my nurse prepped for pushing. I was in no pain and can hardly say I was in discomfort. This epidural stuff is GREAT! After pushing through a few contractions my nurse brought in a mirror so I could gauge my progress. That was incredibly helpful. As gross as it may seem, it helped me focus on the goal at hand better than finding an object or focal spot elsewhere as I channeled my energy to push Wilder out. When his head began to crown the nurse called my doctor, who's office is just across the street. Within 20 minutes Wilder was born.

The weirdest and most memorable feeling was having his body expelled from my womb. The crowning was uneventful compared to those brief seconds of emptying of that little, wriggling body from his home of 9 months. I kept repeating, "Oh my goodness. Oh my goodness."

After having his cord cut, Wilder was placed in a towel on top of my belly where I held him for several minutes. They were some of the most incredible minutes of my life. Covered in bits of vernix and streaks of blood, the amazing creation that started from the tiniest cells and grew into this marvelous baby were held in my arms. I couldn't stop cooing over the miracle of what had just happened and what -and who- I was holding. This was my baby. The perfect combination of the man I love and myself. A marvelous melting of two becoming one. I was in love.

Instead of staying the social butterfly I had been pre-delivery, I became oblivious to the world around me. All there was in my little universe was Brian, the baby and me. My cell phone stayed off (and is still off most of the time) and we were computerless. Even the nurses which constantly changed while we were there were too much.

We were welcomed home after our mandatory 48 hour stay at the hospital to a house and lawn decked out in "New Baby" decor. While Mom held the fort down and took care of the pooches, as well as visited us daily and brought us supplies, she went to 5 different stores to get the house in proper Welcome Home Wilder fashion.

Wilder has been a terrific baby. He's latching on pretty well, feeding GREAT, Brian's embracing his occasional diaper duty and putting his Daddy arms to some good cuddling, I'm getting plenty of sleep, and -all in all- we're doing great. Wilder keeps showing us his "fountain of youth" trick when we change him, which means we're changing outfits quite often.

So far my favorite times are nap and sleep times when Wilder nurses, then lays on my chest. Having him cuddled on top, his tiny body cradled between my breasts, hearing his soft breathing -it's sheer heaven! Brian and I are camped out on the blue couch downstairs which reclines on both sides -much, much more comfortable than trying to prop myself up with 10 pillows in bed. The system is working great, though we won't be down here for long. Just until we get established into a good feeding routine and Wilder latches on easier.

We are loving our new little family and, quite honestly, I can't wait to do this again. I never dreamed motherhood would be so fulfilling or that I would bond so wonderfully with our new little guy!

Friday, October 26, 2007

Introducing Wilder Scott

Wilder Scott, born Wednesday October 24th, 2007 at 4:32pm. He weighed in at 7 lbs. 2 oz. and was 20 inches long. Delivery went wonderfully smooth and he's a terrific and beautiful baby. Thank you, Brian and Mom, for being my go-to team, and for all of our friends and family for oodles of love! I'm exhausted, so I'll sign out, but I'll give a nice Kelly-sized account of the whole she-bang when I've got a few more minutes.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Today's The Day!

We're off to the hospital this fine, fall morning to have our first little pumpkin! I know many of you have been checking our webpage for updates and I wanted to let you know that things are right on schedule. My doctor anticipates me delivering around 5pm, though it could all depend. I won't be bringing my computer with me today, but will most likely have it by tomorrow and will post ASAP with pictures and a note to share how everything went!

I'm off to be brave and join the ranks of women all through history in entering motherhood!
Thank you, again, for all of your love, prayers and support.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

We're Having A Baby!

Wilder will arrive between now and Wednesday. I just returned from my weekly OB/GYN appointment and my doctor would like to induce (for several reasons) by Wednesday if Wilder hasn't come yet on his own. So in a week I will certainly be a mommy!

My mom came with me to my appointment and my doctor did an ultrasound just so she could see the baby with me -how wonderful! Wilder has since turned facing my back -the best way for birthing- instead of the "sunny-side up" position he was in last week. I'm pretty sure I felt him turn last Thursday. Though I haven't dilated any more since last week, he has continued to move further towards the exit. Walking is still easy for me, amazingly enough, though my sciatic nerve gives me trouble now and again. I had another bought of contractions on Sunday that lasted nearly 10 hours increasing in strength, frequency and pain, but they went away in the middle of the night. It was very disappointing; I thought for sure I was going to have a baby that night.

Pencil in on your calendars for Wednesday, October 24th as our little man's birthday! I'm hoping he comes before then on his own, but it's exciting to know for sure that we'll have our new addition here by then!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

A Well Traveled Road, But Quite A Journey

The journey is nearly complete as I approach 38 weeks. Looking through pictures at my growing belly and Wilder's progressive ultrasounds I remembering how each week felt monumental. Those little milestones which seemed to grand at the time now pale in comparison to the upcoming event of labor and the delivery of our son. I couldn't wait to pass the ten and 13 week marks knowing that my chances of a miscarriage were much slimmer after that length of time. I prayed twenty times a day that our baby would "stick" and be safe. When I reached 20 weeks I felt so accomplished and so pregnant, though my belly was just beginning to show. I was halfway done! At 30 weeks I was truly a mother as I entered the third trimester. Now I finally felt like all those women I had adored with their round bellies and their pregnant waddles. But today I am nearly 38 weeks and have already had a few "this is it!" moments, often turning the joyous anxiety of labor into frustration. I wish our biological clocks had an alarm like the oven that beeps when baking is complete. Alas, we're slightly more complicated than kitchen appliances, aren't we.

I watched my beloved baby movie, "In The Womb" by National Geographic, last week for the first time in months. It used to be my lunch/naptime movie during the first and second trimesters, but for some reason I haven't watched it for quite awhile. I loved seeing the development of the fetus with each subsequent week thinking how far along Wilder was and how much further he still had to go. The incredible journey of growth each child has is phenomenal. This time as I watched after so long a hiatus was the most fulfilling. I have reached the final stage of this monumental adventure, waiting only for labor to begin and to meet this little miracle inside me.

During the past 9 months our family has been through many changes. It has been a time of new beginnings, new adventures and new life. When I think back to all the events which have brought us to where we are now, it's mind boggling that we've accomplished so much in so little time, but then again, that's how it's always been in our life together. I cannot separate the journey of pregnancy from the adventure of our family life and the many turns it has taken. In a way, I hope subsequent pregnancies are less eventful -at least, that our lives are less eventful during that term. But if they continue in this active strain, at least we'll be used to it! I know, Brian will probably be running for president with our next child -or at least governor. It's in the cards.

I have thoroughly enjoyed this pregnancy. Truly, I couldn't have asked for a better one. Baby and I have been healthy through it all, no complications, lots of fun adventures along the way, and now a wonderful hospital and doctor to bring us through the rest! And, today my mom arrives with our two furry kids she's been watching up in Washington while we've gotten settled in our home. I am so glad to have her here while we wait out the remaining time and for her help after Wilder arrives. And I am so thankful that the whole family -dogs and all- will be together for a little while before Brian leaves. Plus, this house needs an extra carpeting of dog hair. Home just isn't home without it.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Fall Cupcake Party!

Early on my sister told me to plan fun things to do in the last month as I waited for the big day of delivery to arrive. Taking her advice, we've had a housewarming, been over to friends' houses, had play dates, and now...the Great Fall Cupcake Decorating Party!
We colored our decorating plates in the latest fall fashions -pumpkins galore, spooky eyes, turning leaves, jack-o-lanterns, etc. Then the real fun began turning ordinary cupcakes into devilishly delicious treats.
With an assortment of goodies and icing, we slathered up our cupcakes and made masterpieces...

Then we ate them!
It was wonderful having so many little bodies running around -ramped up on sugar- while the moms gabbed about play groups and labor and the dads talked guitars and guns. With It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown playing quietly on the TV, the kids playing in the living room (many faces smeared with chocolate) while everyone visited, I glowed inside -what a fabulous time of celebration and friendship!

I hope I am up to an encore gathering for Christmas cookie decorating come December. This was just too much fun!

Friday, October 12, 2007

Get Ready to Party -Everyday!

Mama always said make the most of what you've got. That not only pertains to your personal talents, but also to your current situation and daily life. Right along with "grow where you're planted" is the sage advice to make the most of everyday -and have fun with it!

Whether you're stuck in a 9 to 5 that is less than ideal, managing a household with teenagers or toddlers, or just waiting for your baby to hatch (a-hem), you are going to get a lot more out of your day if you come at it from a positive angle. Girls, let's party!

But before you bust out the disco ball and your favorite feather boa, a few things come first:

1) Be Confident. Starting out with a can-do attitude is essential. You CAN get through this day triumphantly. I recommend repeating this phrase several times between swatting the alarm clock and making your coffee. Remember, you're the grand diva and nothing can get you down!

2) Add Pizazz. Doll yourself up a little bit more than usual, since every girl knows a little pizazz goes a long way with how you feel about yourself and what you're about to accomplish. Even if it's just adding some eyeliner or wearing some jewelry, you will feel the difference. If you think you look great, you'll feel great -and everyone else will think so, too. Actually, you'll feel so good you won't care what anyone else thinks!

3) Get Organized. Write down your list of to-do's -that is, after you have your coffee in hand. Knowing what is ahead and organizing it in the most time efficient manner will show you where you can party in between your daily activities. Don't be afraid to flesh out your list -the more you write down the more you can cross off as the day goes by, and we all know how great it feels to scratch every little line out!

Alright, now you're ready to get down with your fab self! Here is how you can turn glum days into fun days.

1) It's YOUR Day. Do you realize you are your own boss?! You are! You have the power to keep your day a drudgery or to make it a day at Disneyland. Taking ownership of your time, resources and energy is step 1 in making it a beautiful day. You're the boss, now what are you going to do?

2) Attitude. Think positively about today. As with being confident, your attitude makes all the difference in being gloomy and productive and being gleefully productive.

3) Turn on the Tunes. Switch up your typical arrangement of kids songs or classical music and put on some power tunes. I want you to jive in your car to I Will Survive, groove to Jungle Boogy, and get down with Funkytown. Or perhaps a little country is your thing. Suggestions: Save a Horse, Ride a Cowboy; Honkeytonk Ba-Donka-Donk; and Sweet Home Alabama. Whether Timberlake or Elvis is your thing, turn on those tunes that make you smile.

4) Celebrate. Hooray! You conquered something and crossed it off you list! You've got a spare 15 minutes, so how do you spend it? Enjoying something you typically don't do. Make a cup of cocoa and get a few more pages down in that novel you've been trying to finish for the past year. The combination of chocolate, warmth, relaxation and being transported to another world will be a mini, and much needed, vacation. Look through a photo album. Remembering the good old days -and the good recent days- will bring automatic sunshine to your heart. If you're running errands, stop and browse in a section that may inspire you or bring you delight. You don't have to spend a dime, but sometimes a few extra minutes taking a gander at some wish list items can brighten you day.

5) Make Time for You. Just as it is important to seize those in between minutes and make a party out of them, specifically set aside some YOU time in your day. If you're a morning person get centered and in touch with how you are before the hub-bub of the day begins. If you enjoy winding down at night, set aside some time that is just yours to do whatever you want for yourself. Sometimes it's just flipping through a magazine for half an hour, or getting a bit further on a hobby or craft you've started. Remember that whatever you choose to do, be intentional. This is your time and you're doing what you'd like. If you don't have that attitude of ownership and joy, no matter if you have the whole day to yourself, the time is wasted.

6) Make Time for You Two. Those with spouses, remember that the key to a happy family and a happy you is a happy marriage. Don't forget to steal time for the two of you to reconnect each day. You can be the best little Martha Stewart, Suzie Homemaker, or the Tiger Lady at work (Baby Boom reference) -as well as Super Mom, but if you don't fill yourself up and keep your marriage in the forefront, you'll be useless to everyone else and dry as an old well.

Today is your day to party, and so is tomorrow! Seize each day with confidence, spirit and determined joy. Remember to smile -A LOT. Walk on the sunny side and you'll find many more chances to enjoy life. Tell that Scrooge inside to Ba-humbug himself and have yourself a productive, party-fied day!

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Are We There Yet?

Wilder showing off his best side -a profile view of our little man. **To explain this picture a bit, he's showing his left profile, facing up. His forehead is the large white area on the right followed by the deep black of the eye sockets, the upward slope to his nose, his parted little lips and finally his chin. The other large white area on the left is his chest and possibly a curled hand.** I am beside myself with glee being able to see the visage of the little mystery person inside of me. I have wondered if he will be the spitting image of his daddy or if he will be an equal mix of us both. His wide forehead and mouth remind me of Brian, but I can't help but feel I see a bit of me in him as well. The most telling, of course, will be when we see him in person. I can hardly wait!Now this he definitely gets from his father. My doctor just had to take a picture of his "masculine side." She says the white arrow is on his penis and his testes are the large circular formation just above to the right. Thought you all might like to see those clothes you sent are truly going to the correct gender.

Some exciting developments have occurred and I intend to give you a full report of this morning's visit to my OB/GYN. Last night around 11pm as I was lying in bed -on my left side- I began to have steady contractions that were 5 minutes apart. An ache in my lower back spread into my legs and the intensity of the contractions continued. I called the Maternity ward and shared my symptoms whereupon a nurse on duty told me to come on down and get checked out. After getting hooked up to the external fetal monitor the contractions came 2-4 minutes apart and continued to increase in intensity, though I never went beyond a "4" in a pain scale of 1 to 10. An internal exam proved that I hadn't dilated any more since Sunday and after 45 minutes being monitored for contractions and fetal activity, they sent me back home. The contractions continued through the night, though I finally was able to get some sleep.

This morning I was (and am) still contracting, but not at so close a frequency. The lower back pain is still there as well as pain similar to menstrual cramps, dull and unexciting. I went on a walk, as usual, but it didn't seem to change anything -except make me a bit more uncomfortable.

Here's the news from the doc. Baby weighs around 6 pounds already and she's guessing if he shows up on his expected date he'll be 7 to 7 1/2 pounds. Thank goodness I won't be delivering the Incredible Hulk or Andre the Giant. I am at 75% effacement, which means the cervix is super thin. Wilder head is in Stage 0 to +1, which means he is really, really ready to make an entrance at any time -his head is right at the opening (well, about 2 inches away from the exit.) Still, I am only dilated 1 1/2 cm right now. That's only 1/2 a cm since last week's appointment.

Doc said she has a suspicion that my water will break all of a sudden, because I'm so thinned out down there, and we'll have the baby then. She even seemed to think Wilder would be coming within the week, but, again, we really don't have any idea what will happen. I asked her when I should come back into the hospital if I was already regularly contracting. Her response was when the contractions get really painful. Or, of course, when my water breaks or I have bloody show. So for now I have to hang out feeling very uncomfortable with this lovely dull pain all around my middle until contractions start getting really bad. Fabulous...

You know what all this means, right? The baby's coming! I'll keep you posted on further exciting developments!

Monday, October 8, 2007

In Lightening

When a baby drops head down into the pelvic cavity, settling in there until labor begins, they call it "lightening." I call it "frightening," if you were already carrying low to begin with. Wilder's head is mere inches away from the exit and he continues attempts to push his way out -or at least around- in that area. It can be a very disconcerting feeling.

Yesterday my sister urged me to hop on down to the hospital to get checked out. She had never heard of a woman being able to feel the baby's head so close to popping out. Having recently had 5 children of her own and also feeling a bit nervous myself, I took Crystal's advice and Brian and I loaded up the car and made the 10 minute drive to the hospital. I didn't think I was having regular contractions, but Wilder was moving so much and pushing so hard it felt like it might be that time already.

I was admitted to a joint exam room where they hooked me up to an external fetal monitor and Brian sat excitedly beside me. Did you know the baby's heart speeds up on a regular basis? Wilder's heart rate bounced up and down like a red rubber ball as we watched the monitor at my bedside. An exam revealed that, indeed, Wilder was very low already for being my first baby, but I was only dilated 1-2 cm. Too bad, so sad. No baby that day. The nurse was very gracious and encouraging saying it was good of me to come in if I had questions or concerns and to return if I felt like I needed to. Brian was glad for the trial run and, though I was rather embarrassed, I was also glad we got to test it out.

The nurse said I would most likely not make it to my due date -hooray!- and could deliver at any time. That being said, I could be giving you an update in two weeks with nothing to show but an even more gargantuan belly. I'm placing my bet on having this little guy within the next two weeks. On Wednesday after my next OB/GYN appointment I'll share any news -plus the 36 week ultrasound!
My current favorite lullaby is James Taylor's "Sweet Baby James." I was inspired to pick up one of our many guitars and strum a bit while singing the words I newly learned. Wilder either loves or utterly hates it when we have "Mommy Music Time." I'm guessing he enjoys it -all those fun sounds and vibrations. With the acoustic guitar pressed to my round belly, Wilder turns, bumps and kicks while I sing and play. I greatly enjoy this bonding time, feeling him respond so much while I focus on my little one. Also, he'll know and, hopefully, love the song when we have rock-a-bye together.

I am in the middle of making another cowboy quilt -this one is much bigger, but less decorative. I sewed a few receiving blankets and I'm continuing on my reading rampage with an Appalachian mystery novel and some of Edgar Allan Poe's short stories. And, of course, I continue reviewing the chapters on labor and delivery in all my pregnancy books. I still try to get out daily on my walk to the mailbox or around the neighborhood. This morning's 30 min. brisk walk didn't aid in getting labor started, but I kept the mindset that I wouldn't feel up to exercise soon after having a baby and I'd better enjoy getting outside while I still can. The morning songs of the birds are raucous, beautiful and so varied -it's such a delight to hear their tunes while enjoying the temperate Texas dawn.

So here I continue to wait for, as my sister says, "Christmas" to come any day. The excitement and anxiety is unbearable only when I actually think now is the time. I am sure I will know when I am going into labor, so I will keep myself busy with crafts, cooking, reading and friends. Which reminds me, I'm off for some homemade pie at one of my new friend's house! Any time's a good time for pie!

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Ready? Set? Okay, I'm Waiting

It's nearly 3 AM on Sunday morning and I'm getting a little nervous. Last night after having a wonderful dinner and visit with our pastor and his family, on returning home I noticed Wilder had markedly moved lower. I can breathe with much greater ease and his little body is hanging very low in my belly. From the surprise on my doctor's face on my last visit with how close Wilder's head was engaged, I am beginning to wonder if labor will happen soon now that he has moved even lower. He continues to be very active, which often communicates to me, "Hey Mom! Let me out!"

Before going to bed I shared with Brian my growing anxiety about labor. Even though women have been giving birth for thousands (some say millions) of years and babies are born every minute of the day, I was still nervous about going through it for the first time. I related it to the feeling of jumping out an airplane, something Brian -a former paratrooper- could relate with. Sure, you see the line of guys in front of you all jumping out of the plane -piece of cake- but you're still anxious about doing it yourself for the first time. He cuddled up to me and reassured me that I would do great, reminding me that everything has gone smoothly so far, he was sure it would only continue in the same vein. Sharing my fears with my "birthing coach" and best friend helped me feel more confident and ready, should everything happen right away. It is wonderful knowing I have such strong support and encouragement in my husband.

I woke up nearly an hour ago and haven't been able to go back to sleep. I keep thinking how I need to pack my hospital bag, so, armed with my list the nurses gave me I am heading back upstairs to get myself prepared. Having packed the baby's bag a few days ago I thought I had a head start, but this morning as I lay in bed I couldn't shake what my doctor said: When I get to 4 cm, labor will be pretty quick. With that thought, I'm off to get Mama Bear packed and ready so that, should I be progressing to that magic number, I will be all set to go.

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Baby Update: 36 Weeks

I had my latest OB/GYN appointment yesterday. At nearly 36 weeks pregnant, Wilder is head down in "blast off" position, my cervix is very thin and I'm dilated 1 cm. What this means, according to my doc, is that when I get to 4 cm labor and delivery should happen lickety-split. That's what she says. Since she's the one with the medical degree, I'll take her word for it, but I won't hold her to it. Here's hoping!

The day before, I went on my usual 1 mile loop to the mail box and never fully recovered. My back ached all day long and it felt like I was having regular contractions. Finally by 8pm the intense pain and contractions subsided. It was an exciting day when I figured out that I didn't pull a muscle but was truly having contractions, but thankfully our little muffin is baking a bit longer.

Today I preregistered at the hospital and, my, I wish you could have been there! The nurses led me into a labor and delivery room, explained all the paperwork and consent forms, and then let me sit in there while I signed away. I'll be in the same room(well, not the same room I signed papers in, probably) for the entire labor and delivery process and Wilder will be with me always -standard procedure. The nurses were sweet as can be and it seemed like a tight little operation they had going there with a great staff and maternity facility. It was a refreshing and reassuring experience and I just can't wait to plop myself down on one of those beds in a private room and have my baby!

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Embracing My Holiday

Now that the house is settled, waiting for Wilder is all I truly have left to do. It has been uncomfortable for me to accept my leisurely role in this interim, but the quietness instigates new challenges and tasks for me to conquer. I am reading up a storm -mainly fiction now that I have exhausted my pregnancy and birth books- and reminding myself that this is a rare treat I am enjoying now as my time will soon be consumed with caring for our little man. Allowing myself to embrace this holiday of sorts guilt-free, I am filling the days with peace, friendship and the activities of a domestic goddess.
Yesterday morning I had another Mommy Play Date with our good friend Katie and her two young daughters. To let you all know, Wilder will be marrying Madison, Katie's youngest, who was born in June. Okay, we won't force him -but they will definitely be good playmates. We enjoyed the natural wonders of San Gabriel Park and I got a taste of inter-mommy mingling that will inevitably occur once Wilder is old enough to interact with other children. There is a whole new realm of etiquette for me to learn at parks and playgrounds with other parents and their children. It was wonderful seeing Katie gracefully maneuver this (new to me) territory with her two year old, Olivia, as she balanced caring for Maddy.

After lunch I decided it was highly appropriate to make peanut butter oatmeal cookies. The result was heavenly! Such a wonderful blend of crispness from the butter and chewiness from the oatmeal! I enjoyed a couple of them over a hot cup of tea as I continued my read of Henry James' "The Turn of the Screw" -an appropriate Fall read as it is a classic ghost story. Even though the temperature is still in the upper 80's I can't help feeling like it's fall. Thanks to air conditioning, I can stay indoors and pretend it's 40 degrees (like it is in Alaska) outside and curl up with a hot beverage and book without feeling utterly ridiculous. If I was on vacation here I'd be at the neighborhood pool from sun up to sun down and be completely sun burnt. Since I live here -and it's supposed to be fall, at least where I come from- I'm embracing my instincts, regardless of the sweltering heat. It's fall, whether it feels like it outside or not.
Afterwards it became an afternoon and evening of musicals and thread, an intermingling of showtunes and the expeditious churning of the sewing machine which resulted in my first quilt. First I watched "Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, " then "My Fair Lady, " followed by another round of the first, and the hand-stitched binding was completed with "Moulin Rouge." I must say, "Seven Brides" is a quintessential quilting movie. I felt so home-on-the-range-ish while I pieced together the brightly colored patterns and my top quilt came into being, listening to "Goin' Courtin'" and "Sabine Women." I felt that Millie and I were one. Pioneer life is so charming, yet realistically undesirable, so it's fun to pretend you're tapping into the roots of America while enjoying old traditions in the comfort of air conditioning and indoor plumbing.
I am amazed how easy this simple block quilt was to put together. Well, at least the top quilt was. The batting and, particularly, the binding were my greatest challenges. On the whole, it was a learning experience (as most things ought to be) and I'm a stitch wiser now for my next quilt -whenever that project comes around. With the completion of Wilder's curtains and this quilt I think my sewing bug is exhausted for the moment. Hm... now, which hobby will over take me next?


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