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Tuesday, December 25, 2007

'Twas The Best Of Times...

Leading up to the big day, we had fun family time...
Lots of giggles

Thoughtful reflection

Peaceful rest

And more peaceful rest...

Christmas Day we rocked out p.j. style all day long!

...made a huge mess and loved our gifts!

Shook things up with cool wrist rattles...

Even the dogs had fun, new toys (though Savannah ate the one pictured already...)

Thought about the beautiful meaning of Christmas

And enjoyed our greatest gift this year.

And now we're recovering from sugar highs.

We hope you all had a wonderful Christmas! Many blessings in this new year!

Friday, December 21, 2007

Jesus Had a Green Christmas, So Can I

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A large portion of the United States never has a White Christmas. I should be fine being included in the vast number of folks who decorate their leaf-covered trees and hang outdoor lights in shirt sleeves, but -no- I felt like a fake. This certainly isn't Christmas, is it? Sitting in my air conditioned living room, listening to Bing Crosby and staring at our brightly decorated tree, I pondered how I could have a real Christmas in Texas.

Then the thought came, "Wait a minute! Lots of people don't need snow to truly celebrate Christmas. So, what makes Christmas feel so... Christmasy?"

We put up all our ornaments, garland and twinkle lights. The stockings were hung with care and presents sit beneath the tree, but it seems devastatingly anti-climactic if this is it.

On the first Sunday of Advent when we lit the candles at church and sang our first carols the holiday sparks ignited my heart! I've always loved Advent -the ceremony, the anticipation, the holiness of the season and it's traditions. Without the communal celebration of Christmas with a church home, the holiday seems empty to me. Along with church and remembering that the focus of Christmas isn't if I finished my shopping and if everyone is happy with the presents I bought them (and if I made the 8 different kinds of holiday cookies...) one more thing remains.

Giving from the heart and not from obligation. I had another moment sitting on my couch: our church had planned to carol at a retirement home that evening and I wasn't sure if I wanted to go. Brian was gone and I was feeling very introverted. Finally, I decided Wilder and I would go. It was the best thing I have done this season. Sharing treasured songs with treasured folks, hearing stories of their families and past Christmases, seeing care-worn faces light up when they saw Wilder -I was humbled and very blessed. I had been so caught up in making Christmas "Christmas" at our house and for me that I had neglected to do exactly what God would want me to do -to share love and joy.

It's so easy to get stuck in creating Christmas, but I learned I can't make the magic of the season. That only happens when I look beyond myself, share with others, and celebrate. I don't need snow to make a wonderful Christmas. I need you. Merry Christmas, All!

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Hi, I'm Wilder. Wilder Scott.

***Remember to view our Christmas Letter To You below!***

-Wilder at 6 weeks old smiling up a storm! Grandmothers, you'll love this!-

Hi everyone! I thought I'd share a little bit about myself since many of you don't get to see me in person. I like people. People and lots of loud noise -particularly music. When Mom and Dad practice with the church band I sleep for the whole two hours. I tend to wake up at church when the sermon starts (practicing my "Amen! Preach it, Brother!" for Pastor David) but I'll fall asleep when the worship songs begin.

I'm not too impressed with my vibrating rocking chair mom likes to video me in, though it's fun at times. Honestly, I prefer hanging out on the floor, "talking" and kicking my legs. The Christmas tree is cool to look at so Mom puts me under it a lot. I'm beginning to think I'm a Christmas present, though.( Mom will probably be corny and say that I'm her Christmas present. Goofy mom.)

Being alone sucks (oops, I don't think I'm allowed to say that word yet.) I like it best when Mom or Dad holds me while I cat nap in the afternoon, though it's hard for Mom to get much done -and it takes her forever to type emails. But I don't care and I don't think she minds too much. She likes to sing really loud to me, too. It's fun and often puts me to sleep. It's good times when she practices songs for church -then she really gets noisy and I stare up at her in awe. Dad rocks on the guitar -which I can't wait for him to teach me --that is, when I have slightly bigger hands, muscle control and eye-hand coordination. I like it best when he plays to me in the living room -yep, you guessed it, it also puts me to sleep.

Baths are the dogs bollocks. So are pacifiers. I love them both with a passion, though Mom makes sure to give me my plug only when she knows I'm full and just want something to suck on. For some reason she doesn't like to be a pacifier... can't quite understand why.

So, as you can see, I'm a pretty happy guy! And I'm strong and attractive and, gosh darnit, people like me.
It was nice talking to you! Take care!

-Wilder Scott

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Crazy Mom with Camera -starting the photo torture early

***Please view our Christmas Letter to You below!***

Wilder at 5 weeks -and very sleepy.

Our Christmas Letter

Dearest Friends and Family,

Comfortably medicated with an epidural, surrounded by capable and friendly hospital staff and my wonderful OB/GYN, with my husband at my side, we welcomed Wilder Scott into the world. But she lay surrounded by animal manure and hay, a young woman of little or no knowledge of child birth with only her new husband as help, laboring in the cold of the desert night. As the nurses lay my son on my chest, fresh from the womb and still covered in blood and fluids, I was in such wonder and awe -and immediately in love. This gift was greater than I could have fathomed or anticipated, this precious gift of life. I wonder how Mary felt. I can only imagine tears flowing down her face as she soaked up every moment of that miracle -the Son of God laying at her breast, so perfect and small, totally human, yet holding complete authority in heaven and on earth. The amazement that arrested my heart as I welcomed my son pales in comparison to what she must have felt.
The gift of life is ever more poignant this year. Christ's life, Wilder's life, and -more than ever- I am thankful for my own life. God has redeemed me more times than I can count from going "my own way" and ending up in the dump instead of the top of the golden stairway I set out for. Often times life looks very bleak and we wonder if all this strife is worth it, I know I have. What I have come to understand is that life, in all its richness, has more heights and depths than we can comprehend until we have walked through them. These times of immense joy and, alternately, of sorrow are what make this life so worthwhile. I remember times when I hurt so badly I prayed I would never feel again. If God had answered my cries of relief I would not know the sublime joy that has enveloped me now in the blissful moments of parenthood and marriage. God has brought me through some incredibly difficult times and, by His grace, has delivered me into a promised land of blessing and overwhelming love. I am forever grateful, and forever encouraged. I feel like the poster child for God's faithfulness, and I am so thankful for it.

Now, here are the highlights of this past year! Please look through the archives on the right hand side for incredible pictures and fun stories of our journey through the year!

  • Brian returned Nov. 25, 2006 from a 15 month deployment in Iraq during which he gained national attention and recognition through his blog.
  • I spent several months last fall in L.A. and got to work on film, television, production, and commercials -it was fabulous!
  • We learned mid-March that I was pregnant!
  • I did several company and private shows with Mr. Whitekeys, including playing Gov. Sarah Palin at her inaugural ball in Anchorage. Too much fun!
  • We had lots of quality time together as Brian had so much time off -much needed after so long apart.
  • Brian re-enlisted for 3 more years in the Army and was able to secure a post at Ft. Hood near Austin, TX.
  • I did another season of Donavan Covey at the Anchorage Saturday and Sunday Markets. We made it a family affair: Brian was excellent help (and got lots of reading done...) and the dogs loved all the people and smells!
  • We left Alaska at the end of July and drove south, getting to visit with lots of family on the way down.
  • By the beginning of September we had a new home -our first home!- in a wonderful new town that we simply adore.
  • Wilder Scott was born October 24th -7 lbs. 2 oz, 20 inches long. Happy and healthy and growing like a tree.
  • Brian was slated to deploy mid-December but THANKFULLY it has been rescheduled for sometime this spring (word is mid-March, but we'll see.
It has been a year of great joy and newness. We are incredibly thankful for where God has brought us and look forward to the new year. You are often in our thoughts and always in our hearts, though cards or phone calls may be few. Thank you for your friendships and love! We hope this new year brings you great joy and wonderful new memories!

Kelly, Brian and Wilder


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