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Saturday, June 28, 2008

Mission Accomplished

ALRIGHT!!!!! I danced a jig, I sang a song, I had a party all day long!

This morning before my "Anne" party I completed my 100 miles for the month of June. Because I had so much to do for party prep, plus I wanted to push myself, I decided to run as much of the 5 remaining miles I could. Long (and boring) story short, I ran all 5 -though stopped a few times to water the dog and feed Wilder- and I STILL finished in under the amount of time it took me to run the only 5 Mile race I ever did 2+ years ago. And this time I was pushing a stroller -plus with those stops along the way, I admit I was super duper pleased.

Another exciting bit of news. Last week I mailed off headshots, resumes and demo tapes to 3 good talent agencies in Austin and yesterday I heard back from one! I am meeting with them next Thursday. I would have danced a jig upon receiving the call, but I was in the car. I can't wait to get an audition for something -anything- and get that killer feeling, the rush of excitement from being "on" and in my element. Ideally I'd like to secure another wonderful gig as the TV spokesmodel for a company, something regular that I can get in, have fun and be done within an afternoon. That way I can still be full-time mom, and very part-time actress (but with a nice check in the mail.) We'll see. One step at a time and I'm looking forward to learning about the local biz buzz.

So, lots of fun things! I'm working on July's goal(s), figuring out what will be most feasible. I am addicted to the trails now, so I don't think I'll have a fitness goal -but perhaps reading?... We'll see, and I'll keep you posted!

All Things Anne

In honor of 100 years with Anne of Green Gables (published in 1908, L.M. Montgomery's first book of many) I hosted a mother, daughter and friends movie and tea luncheon.

We nibbled on a lunch spread, made introductions and chatted to warm up.

The young ladies made fine use of the Donavan Covey room while the grown ups gabbed in the kitchen.

I made little booklets with the author's bio, the poems Anne adored -"The Lady of Shalott" and "The Highwayman," Anne Trivia, instruction on how to be a Victorian lady and Victorian flowers & their meanings (something the ladies of the day were quite in to.) I was amazed at how the girls read them so intently while we talked away.

We paused between discs to have dessert -carrot cake in honor of Anne ("Hey, Carrots!") tea cookies, Anissa's peanut butter cookies, some chocolate goodies, and -of course- tea!

The girls had a great time dressing Wilder up in his toys. He actually liked his bowl hat!

The ladies in attendance, what gems!

I had planned everything -except what to wear. In my invitation I had asked the girls to come in their puffiest of puffed sleeves (but who really has puffed sleeves these days, right?) I didn't have anything but summer dresses....until.... I was searching for a lace table covering I inherited from my great grandmother and in the hope chest I found this beautiful dressing gown and robe -with: Puffed Sleeves!
Ironed and mended, I donned this lovely piece of history (not quite turn of the century, but I believe circa 1930-40) and glided around the house feeling oh-so-fancy (albeit a little ridiculous for wearing p.j.s to my party.) It was a terrific time and I am so thankful for all of the wonderful ladies who came and made this fun time possible! Thank you!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

100 Miles A Month

Near the end of May I was walking the San Gabriel Park/Lake Georgetown trail and had in idea.

"Huh. I should try to go 100 miles in a month. This trail is perfect for it. The dog and I both need the exercise. That's doable, right??"

I lamely tried to do the calculation in my head.

"How many miles a day would that be? Man, it's a good thing I went the long route today, it's going to take awhile to work this one out."

It came to 3.3 miles a day, IF I walked every day. Now, obviously there would be some days I'd have to miss, for weather reasons or travel. But my newly established 5 mile walk was a fair enough challenge that I could squeeze a few big walks in when I had to miss a day.

I decided to begin the 1st of June and I was anxious to see if I could indeed conquer the challenge. It was a good goal to have, as far as goals go. Walking/jogging the trail would be beneficial in so many ways. Obviously it would get my rear out of bed (well, Wilder already does that) and outside. Nature has always fed my soul and I do so love the gnarled trees covered in lush vines, the white tailed deer that prance through the forest, the colorful birds and the gaggles of geese. Plus....the river. My dad brought home a BBC radio play of "Wind in the Willows" when we were little and I spent so many evenings listening to Ratty yammer on about the wonderful river, singing his River Song about the "ducks go a-dabbling, two by two" -oh, the memories. Though this river is more of a "trickle" it still has a certain charm and is very serene to run alongside. Then, there's the physical benefits. I mean, it can't be a bad thing to get some cardio on a regular basis, now can it?

The first two weekends I had out of town travels -the Scottish Festival and the trip to Longview. I had no idea that my 3.3 miles a day would turn into a regular 5 miles just to make up the difference, but it did. I started jogging up to 3 miles of my route, though usually do 2 now since I'm hitting so much pavement in such a short stretch of time. Don't want to wear those knees out!

It's been a joy getting to know the regulars, for there are many. Funny couples, determined old ladies walking solo, country club women with their young daughters trailing behind, cyclists, and barely clad runners who should know better. There is a women who lives near my turn around point who walks a beautiful cocker spaniel that always brings a smile to my face seeing its bouncing ears. A precious older lady gets out at the crack of dawn, her shirt already soaked at the collar when I see her, carries a long switch and wears a happy but determined face. I spoke with her today, she was late hitting the trail. Her daughter is here visiting and they were talking. The daughter told her to hurry up and get out the door for her walk, she had know idea how her mother handled this wretched heat. Her mother said, "It's cause I'm tougher than you!" I had to chuckle.

One woman looks like a gracefully aging yoga instructor, perhaps in her early 60s. She quietly, but firmly strides the bike path looking serene and content. I hope I have that poise and grace -and level of fitness- when I reach her age, God willing.

There's the man who jogs in the plastic "sweat" jacket wrestlers and the like wear to drop weight before matches. I keep wanting to tell him it's only water weight and he'd be better off not roasting and having the energy to jog faster and farther.

The high school track team always beats me to the finish. I arrive as they are wrapping up and the last stragglers lop in. The boys are thin as rails, but seem to always have a "good morning." The girls canter by with weird looks when I greet them or mention what a fine day it is. They need to take my charm classes, if I ever get them up and running. Oh, running! Get it?? (Bad Joke Tuesday!)

After week two seeing the pattern of regulars I decided to be the friendliest person on the trail. I don't know if that was an arrogant goal, but I noticed not too many folks felt like being neighborly, so why not break the ice and perhaps start a new trail etiquette? I'd love for Central Texas to nominate Georgetown for "Friendliest Trails." About 50% of folks nod or say good morning -cyclists nod because all you'd hear is "Goo...Mo!" as they whiz by. They also say, "Passing on your left!" but that doesn't really count as a friendly greeting. With so many folks walking you have plenty of time to issue a, "Fine morning, isn't it?" or "Have a lovely day!" And so, I have been attempting to greet my regulars, as well as a few newbees. Yes, Mom, I don't talk to scary men, or I only nod out of politeness to gents who give me the creeps. My dad once gave me a serious scolding for being friendly to a man in an elevator when Dad and I were on a trip. Hey, I wasn't nominated "Friendliest Senior at Dimond High School" for nothing! But I'm safe. Friendly, but safe.

As the end of the month approached I tallied my miles and then...freaked out. Bumping up my days to 7 to 6 miles in order to make the goal -but there is NO DOUBT: I am conquering my 100 miles a month!

Friday on the trail I kept thinking how fabulous it would be to get a running stroller. I had been using the four wheeled stroller that our carseat connects to and it was quiet a challenge running, pushing the clunky stroller AND holding onto the dog as she pulled away so as not to get hit by the wheels (and also to yank suddenly to sniff something SUPER interesting.) I figured once I finished this month of running Brian and I could research strollers and maybe get something a tad more trail friendly. That afternoon my birthday present from Brian arrived. It was a running stroller! I have been using it on the trail since Sunday and am loving it! Just this morning I saw one of the regular who had just purchased a jogging stroller after pushing her umbrella stroller for the past week. She said it made a huge difference -I completely agree!

With my upcoming summer travels I won't be able to continue knocking out 100 miles per month, but I think I'm addicted to the trails. I've got a good system down, Wilder takes his morning nap and second feeding while we're out. Savannah (the dog) has several spots in the river she dips into for a cool down and drink. And I feel thoroughly worn out and much more at peace as the day begins.

So here's to many more adventures on the trails, miles on my stroller wheels, and -for my birthday- I'm getting more workout gear! Hooray!!

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Breakfast at Tiffany's

The Paramount Theater in Austin has class. Ornate box seats, plush red chairs, and gold filigree galore. They show classic movies in the summer and use the theater as a playhouse the rest of the year. Last night a gang of us girls (Anissa's friends and now mine by association) had a grand time of celebrating Audrey style as we attended the showing of "Breakfast At Tiffany's."
We dressed the parts and prepared for an evening of fun!

Meeting first at Cork & Co. on Congress for happy hour, we sipped, visited and had a jolly good time. Mitsi and her fabulous Josh stopped by for a drink -it was so good to see her and to finally meet him!

What a great girls night out! We followed up the film with appetizers and drinks, then let loose with some fancy footwork at a dance club with a lit fish pond floor covered in glass. Out of sight, man, out of sight! The Paramount is showing "Gone With the Wind" soon, and I do declare, we shall be there.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Longview Farewell

Brian's folks bought a home in Longview, Texas six years ago with the anticipation of retiring there, near Betty's hometown, Marshall. Lolly (her mother) and sister, Shirley, still live there. Realizing they wanted to stay in the Austin area instead, they decided to put their second home on the market -someday soon. But when buyers sought them out before the house was for sale, they knew they had to take the bid and say farewell to their second home full of wonderful memories.

The whole family came up to celebrate this last hoorah at the Longview house and to visit Lolly and Shirley in Marshall. Lolly will be turning a young 94 in August!

Brooke and Lolly

Betty told me recently that Lolly has quite a way with babies and "spoke their language." She hasn't lost her abilities -Wilder talked up a storm and showed off rolling about. They were both in their element.

Not being able to attend Brooke & Joe's wedding in Mexico, we shared the experience with them via photos, as well as the beautiful video played at the rehearsal dinner.

We gathered at one of Marshall's fine restaurants across from the historic courthouse for an early Father's Day celebration.

This child is happily chomping on a RED ONION. He winces at watered down juice I put in his sippy cup, but he devours onions. Someone please explain that to me.

This was also a special moment. Betty dropped off some birthday flowers for her best friend's (Joan) mother. It was a real treat to get to meet the lovely lady I've heard so much about -and what fun shenanigans these two used to get up to! These wild things cruising the root beer stands in Joan's hotrod... you go girls!

Betty (MiMa) and Wilder taking in the view behind the Longview house and chatting with the ducks.

Father's Day Breakfast Feast, courtesy of Betty. How wonderful to help celebrate another joyous occasion, though at the end of a chapter. A bittersweet goodbye, but what fabulous new places and experiences lie ahead!

Sunday, June 15, 2008


Your first hug.

Our first family portrait.

Peaceful embrace

Let the fun begin!

Rockin' to sleep -literally.

"Wilder, I am your father."

Merry Christmas, Daddy!

The next SBB.

Rest in the nest.

Boys just want to have fun.

Sportin' the binki

Four generations

Starting him early, high tech

Buddy Rabbit!

I love you forever.

Proud Papa

Come home again, home again, jiggety jig

I love you, Daddy! Happy Father's Day -you're my hero!!

We love you so much, Brian, and celebrate you especially today!

All our love,
Mama and Wilder

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Truly Scrumptious

When I was pregnant I had already chosen what songs would be my special lullabies for Wilder. As is usually the case, those changed after he arrived. There are 3 songs that bring smiles of recognition to Wilder's face; two of them from the movie "Chitty Chitty Bang Bang," which was never a childhood favorite of mine, but has recently become a standard for me. I was working on a sewing project this afternoon and put the movie in for Wilder and I to listen to while we both played. When the song "Truly Scrumptious" -one of the 3 favorite songs I sing to him- came on he started bouncing ---the first I have ever seen, now captured for you on camera. He is sure to be a musical fellow with all the exposure we have and continue to give him. I hope you enjoy this clip half as much as I have!


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