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Saturday, June 28, 2008

All Things Anne

In honor of 100 years with Anne of Green Gables (published in 1908, L.M. Montgomery's first book of many) I hosted a mother, daughter and friends movie and tea luncheon.

We nibbled on a lunch spread, made introductions and chatted to warm up.

The young ladies made fine use of the Donavan Covey room while the grown ups gabbed in the kitchen.

I made little booklets with the author's bio, the poems Anne adored -"The Lady of Shalott" and "The Highwayman," Anne Trivia, instruction on how to be a Victorian lady and Victorian flowers & their meanings (something the ladies of the day were quite in to.) I was amazed at how the girls read them so intently while we talked away.

We paused between discs to have dessert -carrot cake in honor of Anne ("Hey, Carrots!") tea cookies, Anissa's peanut butter cookies, some chocolate goodies, and -of course- tea!

The girls had a great time dressing Wilder up in his toys. He actually liked his bowl hat!

The ladies in attendance, what gems!

I had planned everything -except what to wear. In my invitation I had asked the girls to come in their puffiest of puffed sleeves (but who really has puffed sleeves these days, right?) I didn't have anything but summer dresses....until.... I was searching for a lace table covering I inherited from my great grandmother and in the hope chest I found this beautiful dressing gown and robe -with: Puffed Sleeves!
Ironed and mended, I donned this lovely piece of history (not quite turn of the century, but I believe circa 1930-40) and glided around the house feeling oh-so-fancy (albeit a little ridiculous for wearing p.j.s to my party.) It was a terrific time and I am so thankful for all of the wonderful ladies who came and made this fun time possible! Thank you!

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