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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Longview Farewell

Brian's folks bought a home in Longview, Texas six years ago with the anticipation of retiring there, near Betty's hometown, Marshall. Lolly (her mother) and sister, Shirley, still live there. Realizing they wanted to stay in the Austin area instead, they decided to put their second home on the market -someday soon. But when buyers sought them out before the house was for sale, they knew they had to take the bid and say farewell to their second home full of wonderful memories.

The whole family came up to celebrate this last hoorah at the Longview house and to visit Lolly and Shirley in Marshall. Lolly will be turning a young 94 in August!

Brooke and Lolly

Betty told me recently that Lolly has quite a way with babies and "spoke their language." She hasn't lost her abilities -Wilder talked up a storm and showed off rolling about. They were both in their element.

Not being able to attend Brooke & Joe's wedding in Mexico, we shared the experience with them via photos, as well as the beautiful video played at the rehearsal dinner.

We gathered at one of Marshall's fine restaurants across from the historic courthouse for an early Father's Day celebration.

This child is happily chomping on a RED ONION. He winces at watered down juice I put in his sippy cup, but he devours onions. Someone please explain that to me.

This was also a special moment. Betty dropped off some birthday flowers for her best friend's (Joan) mother. It was a real treat to get to meet the lovely lady I've heard so much about -and what fun shenanigans these two used to get up to! These wild things cruising the root beer stands in Joan's hotrod... you go girls!

Betty (MiMa) and Wilder taking in the view behind the Longview house and chatting with the ducks.

Father's Day Breakfast Feast, courtesy of Betty. How wonderful to help celebrate another joyous occasion, though at the end of a chapter. A bittersweet goodbye, but what fabulous new places and experiences lie ahead!


Anonymous said...

Thank you Kelly for such a nice tribute. It truly was an emotional weekend for me. Having my family there made it easier and gave me yet another wonderful memory to cherish. Love, Betty

"Fare you well, old house!
You've naught that can
feel or see,
But you seem like a human being--
A dear old friend to me."
--Will Carleton (1900)

Anonymous said...

The fourth picture down looks like all of you are staring down into the potty! lol!!!

- David G.


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