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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

The Egg Crepe | Ketogenic Recipes | Oh My Holy Heck, I Love These

The egg crepe.  It's become my speciality.
It makes appearances in the kitchen about 15 times a day.

Okay.  3 times a day.  That means every gosh dang meal.
Because they're soooo goooood.  And so versatile!

The past 2 months I've joined Brian in a ketogenic diet (diet meaning way of eating, not "let's try to lose a bunch of weight really fast!")  Basically, a ketogenic diet is transforming your body from sugar burning (using carbs) for fuel and turning into a fat burning fuel machine.  That means we've cut out most carbs (staying under 50g a day -you can't even look at a noodle) -mainly starching veggies, grains and sugar- and eating lots of high-fat foods.

It's like Paleo but with dairy.  Not strictly speaking.

Hanyway, this is strictly about the egg crepe, not a cry from the bell tower that I've found the perfect way to eat.  It's just what I'm trying right now.

The Egg Crepe.
I am experimenting with the recipe, but basically I've done it 2 ways.  One with heavy whipping cream, the second with water.  At this point heavy whipping cream wins.  The water based one is very, um watery (just use water instead of cream in the recipe below.  For some reason I kept trying to write "address."  Here's your egg crepe address, folks.  It's where YUMMY lives.)

To serve 2 hungry adults

The Basic Crepe:
3 eggs, beaten with a fork
Roughly 1/4 cup heavy whipping cream poured in beaten eggs, continue mixing

For Sweet:
A few dashes of cinnamon (if desired)
A tablespoon of Truvia (or stevia-derived sweetener)
A few drops of vanilla extract

For Savory:
Ah, heck, this can go so many ways but here is my staple
A dash or so of salt
A few dashes of onion powder

To make it Italian, I love adding dried Italian herbs and a few shakes of red pepper flakes.

Now you've got your crepe mix ready to go.
-In a medium sized pan, stove top on medium-to-nearly-all-out high, melt enough butter to coat.
-Pour in enough egg mix to coat the pan -tilt it around to cover the bottom and not let loose goo just sit there.
-Let cook throughly, almost overly cooked (if it's not firm enough you won't be able to flip it properly)
-With a large spatula, flip and cook on the other side.

If you're adding cheese to your crepe, put it on right after flipping it to allow the cheese to melt nearly all the way.  Add in anything else you'd like to put in the middle.
TIP:  If you're having a stuffed egg crepe, place the filling in the center of the crepe while in the pan, similar to an enchilada so all you have to do is fold the sides over when it's ready.

Examples of egg crepes I can't stop making:  Supreme pizza, chicken enchilada, spinach and mushroom, strawberry creme, cinnamon spice, just plain ol' cheddar like a cheese sandwich.

If you love omelets, tortillas, or just love eggs, you'll flip over these crepes.

Pardon me, I'm off to make another batch.  This will be #3.
And it's only 11am.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

We Partied With Little Miss Sunshine

This little goober woober turned 4 yesterday.  She has always, always been a ray of sunshine.  Sometime sunshine is a little hot and a little annoying and down right overwhelming, but it's also cozy warm and lots of fun.  And delightful.

And she 

A snuggle bum from the very beginning, each night these days Waverley asks the tucker-inner, whether it's Brian or me, "Sweep wiff me for a widdow bit?"

(Pardon me while I get a box of kleenex.  MAN, the emotions!  The sweet memories.  I... *sniff*...*sigh*)

Remember from two or so posts ago -Waverley and her "hands in the air" thing?  Ah-HA!  I found the first image we have of her starting her signature photo move!

Waverley woke up, opened presents and she and I headed out for an adventure to pick out her birthday cupcakes.   Galaxy Bakery in Georgetown is fabulous -and perfectly quiet at 8:45am.

She chose chocolate (it's in her genes) -she only eats the icing, anyway, and those chocolate cupcakes (bottom row) had an awesome tower of sugary, frosting-filled heaven.

Next, we headed home, somehow managed to get everyone in the car to begin the day's adventures.......aaaaaaaaannnnnnd:

I unwittingly drained the car battery.


Miffed husband.  Impatient kids.  Silly me.
Hey, I only had my phone charging.  And a DVD playing for the kids.  And my seat warmed maxed out.  And the air going.  For 20 minutes or so...

Well, thanks to a man with skillz, we were off to the new Austin Aquarium -our first destination.  Uncle Bear got us a family pass and -I admit- we were ALL excited to check it out.

(The kids have been planning their return visit and inform us every 2 hours that it's time to go back there.)

We then headed to MiMa and Boppa's for a birthday bash.  There are 15 people on Brian's side (okay, okay -not 15, but it seems like the majority) who have January birthdays, so it's a full on celebration!  Both MiMa and Boppa celebrate their birthdays this month.  We're also expecting a new girl cousin in a few days!

We had SO much fun (those capitals aren't big enough) getting to be with our family as we celebrated Waverley.  I am extremely thankful for the love we are surrounded by -both near and far- and the love that our children will grow up experiencing.  That is the best gift.  Ever.

And, by the way, we now have cables in the car permanently.  Thankyouverymuch.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Our Winnie the Pooh Place: Berry Springs Park & Preserve | Family Fun in Georgetown, Texas

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug
On my day off this week -did I already tell you it's Wednesday?  It's Wednesday.  
Anyhow, on my day off this week I took the kids to what I'd consider to be Christopher Robin and Pooh Bear's 100 acre wood.  (More accurately, the 100 acre pecan grove.)

(And, as with all government run sites, this website does NOT do this gem justice.)

"We are here, Waverley," he says as the adventure begins.

Wilder in the midst of his little colosseum. 

"Mama, my wegs are tired."

They're obviously ready to get going -next stop: The Spooky Woods.  (Which is a complete misnomer.)  

I was there.  I like to call this (...ahem...) Das Boots.

And this inevitably happens.  Often.

Scraggly pecan trees line the horizon like grizzled soldiers.

And *that* was my poetic line of the day.
I'm spent.

(Inserting deadpan expression here.)

More adbentures (as they're called at my house) to come.

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Welcoming 2014 | DIY Family Portraits | Slightly more fun than a piano falling on your foot.

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

It's a lot harder than you'd think to get all of us in front of a camera, smiling and looking the same direction.  I deal with all sorts of groups, families and gatherings as a photographer and usually have lots of tricks up my sleeves getting everyone to cooperate while having fun, but this was about as pain-free as dropping a piano on my foot.  

Still, we did our duty of capturing what we all looked like at the end of 2013 :)  Folks, this is us -tears, laughs and all.

Then we took the fun outside for some genuine moments.  (This was far better than a piano falling on my foot.  I love capturing my people in action.)


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