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Thursday, January 23, 2014

We Partied With Little Miss Sunshine

This little goober woober turned 4 yesterday.  She has always, always been a ray of sunshine.  Sometime sunshine is a little hot and a little annoying and down right overwhelming, but it's also cozy warm and lots of fun.  And delightful.

And she 

A snuggle bum from the very beginning, each night these days Waverley asks the tucker-inner, whether it's Brian or me, "Sweep wiff me for a widdow bit?"

(Pardon me while I get a box of kleenex.  MAN, the emotions!  The sweet memories.  I... *sniff*...*sigh*)

Remember from two or so posts ago -Waverley and her "hands in the air" thing?  Ah-HA!  I found the first image we have of her starting her signature photo move!

Waverley woke up, opened presents and she and I headed out for an adventure to pick out her birthday cupcakes.   Galaxy Bakery in Georgetown is fabulous -and perfectly quiet at 8:45am.

She chose chocolate (it's in her genes) -she only eats the icing, anyway, and those chocolate cupcakes (bottom row) had an awesome tower of sugary, frosting-filled heaven.

Next, we headed home, somehow managed to get everyone in the car to begin the day's adventures.......aaaaaaaaannnnnnd:

I unwittingly drained the car battery.


Miffed husband.  Impatient kids.  Silly me.
Hey, I only had my phone charging.  And a DVD playing for the kids.  And my seat warmed maxed out.  And the air going.  For 20 minutes or so...

Well, thanks to a man with skillz, we were off to the new Austin Aquarium -our first destination.  Uncle Bear got us a family pass and -I admit- we were ALL excited to check it out.

(The kids have been planning their return visit and inform us every 2 hours that it's time to go back there.)

We then headed to MiMa and Boppa's for a birthday bash.  There are 15 people on Brian's side (okay, okay -not 15, but it seems like the majority) who have January birthdays, so it's a full on celebration!  Both MiMa and Boppa celebrate their birthdays this month.  We're also expecting a new girl cousin in a few days!

We had SO much fun (those capitals aren't big enough) getting to be with our family as we celebrated Waverley.  I am extremely thankful for the love we are surrounded by -both near and far- and the love that our children will grow up experiencing.  That is the best gift.  Ever.

And, by the way, we now have cables in the car permanently.  Thankyouverymuch.

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Anonymous said...

So sweet ~ just like Miss Waverley Jane.

Loves from Grandmama


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