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Thursday, January 16, 2014

Our Winnie the Pooh Place: Berry Springs Park & Preserve | Family Fun in Georgetown, Texas

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On my day off this week -did I already tell you it's Wednesday?  It's Wednesday.  
Anyhow, on my day off this week I took the kids to what I'd consider to be Christopher Robin and Pooh Bear's 100 acre wood.  (More accurately, the 100 acre pecan grove.)

(And, as with all government run sites, this website does NOT do this gem justice.)

"We are here, Waverley," he says as the adventure begins.

Wilder in the midst of his little colosseum. 

"Mama, my wegs are tired."

They're obviously ready to get going -next stop: The Spooky Woods.  (Which is a complete misnomer.)  

I was there.  I like to call this (...ahem...) Das Boots.

And this inevitably happens.  Often.

Scraggly pecan trees line the horizon like grizzled soldiers.

And *that* was my poetic line of the day.
I'm spent.

(Inserting deadpan expression here.)

More adbentures (as they're called at my house) to come.


Anonymous said...

:) Glad I could come along on the adventure! Big fun. Love, Grandmama

Anonymous said...

This place looks like a GREAT find. Here's to many more enjoyable days adventuring. Love, Grandmama


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