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Saturday, January 11, 2014

Homeslice: 15 Minutes of Life

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Part of the changes happening in the household are the frequency of documentation.  As you can tell (ahem) it's been a stinkin' long time since I last blogged.  Besides random shots on my phone, I -a photographer by profession- have taken photos of my kids 3 times this year.



Yeah, that's changing.  Starting now.

In increments of 15-20 minutes, I'll pick up my camera and just document what's happening at the moment.  Nothing manufactured (well, I may try to bribe the kids into a semi-styled portrait session a few times --bribe being the key word here) all simply found, unless they decide to cheese it up.  (Waverley is The Queen of Fromage in this little session, but she's resembling more of a stilton than a gouda.  She's a stinker.)

This is 15 min. of life.
Otherwise known as Homeslice.

(And here's the video taken between stills.)

Wilder has his Wii station all set up, complete with food and beverage tray on the side.  All he needs is a portapotty to sit on and we'll never see him again.

I have no explanation.  For some reason "hands in the air" is a thing that goes along with pictures.

This is Sugar, the dog that almost cost us our marriage.  (Not really, but it sounds nice and dramatic.)  She's a sweet dog that puts up with most of the harassment the kids dish out and she is the ultimate snuggler.  Tip to those of you in a relationship:  Never get a dog without both agreeing on it.  And snuggly dogs can lead to a depleted sex life if you don't kick them out of the bed.  If you were wondering, I've gotten really good at tossing dogs.  (I know, three letters: T.M.I.)

Shelby looks off in the distance and ponders the mysteries of life.  Like why I never take her on walks anymore and where do rawhides *really* come from.

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful! Raw, natural life. I'm so looking forward to the future posts - thank you for sharing life :) Love, Mama


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