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Thursday, October 8, 2015

Tennyson's First Birthday

I mean, come on.  That face, right?
Our boy is still pure sunshine.  He's just a happy guy.
We celebrated today -a day early- since I'm flying out of town tomorrow morning to shoot a weekend wedding in Atlanta.  MiMa and Boppa came over, Papa baked four kinds of scrumptious cupcakes/muffins and Tennyson gladly showed off his new walking moves.  Yep.  He's walking.  Our earliest walker of the bunch.  

MiMa and Boppa are so sweet.  They always bring a little something so each kid has a surprise to open, even when it's not their special day.  Thank you so much, sweet Betty and Barry!

Just watching Tennyson's reaction to seeing his present.  PRICELESS!

He held the monkey and kept waving (open, close, open, close) with his hand.  OH MY GOSH, it was THE sweetest thing!

Brian has become quite the master baker.  All these delights (four different muffins/cupcakes) are all vegan recipes.  It's hard to believe there are no eggs in these bad boys -SO stinkin' moist and fluffy.  (Yes, yes.  I know how blessed I am.  I can legitimately ask, "What's cookin', good lookin'?")

Bringing on the "Cupcake Smash."

For awhile, it was just....hm...squishy.

Taking instruction by example.

(Thank you, MiMa and Boppa, for the balloons!)

And any mess like that deserves a birthday bath.

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Tennyson, 9 Months Old: Toothy and On The Move

This was nerve wracking, I'm not going to lie.
Mister Man is M-O-B-I-L-E.  He's currently standing and crawling and maneuvering everywhere (except the stairs -thank goodness we haven't gotten there yet.  Yet...)
He's an excellent eater (I don't know why we moms always feel the need to say that.  He's obviously alive -he's plump.  He's eating well -got it.)  But -and noting it for posterity because we like to go back through the archives as a virtual baby book- he does love himself some healthy eats, such as:
-quinoa with either mashed avocado or marinara sauce
-bananas, peaches, strawberries, peeled grapes, etc.
-steal cut oats
-sweet potatoes
Stuff like that.  Him's a good eater. 

As you can see, his legs are mucho mucho tan.  That's because we finally -at kid #3- sprung for a BOB stroller and this little guy gets to run with Mama in the morning and Papa in the afternoon.  This kid is AIRED OUT.  And tan-legged.  I'd say he's an ombre hombre.

And that's as much as I could get him to stay on the bed, so off he goes to do whatever while I nab him in action.

Quack, quack!  Duckling hair.

And this, my friends, is normal.  He's just a happy guy!  Apparently our kids keep getting more easy going, so if we have a fourth he/she will probably be born with a surfboard and a bongo drum waving around two tiny fingers, "Peace, man. Far out. Chill, braw!"

One big 'um on the top, two middle teeth on the bottom.  



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