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Saturday, August 30, 2008

Ball Players

As my mom says, the job of a mother is to train yourself out of one. Here's to the first job of many!

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Girls in the Afternoon

Kayla and Emily came to play,
Two sweet sisters, on Friday.
For them, I had some plans in store
But we ended up doing a whole lot more.

Lessons in baking, first thing said,
We started the process of baking bread
Stir it together, let it grow
Later, we played with the fluffy dough

Rice Crispy Treats are always sweet
When presented as tea party treats.
Chocolate, grapes and nectarines,
Our tea party was peachy keen.

Wilder had a lunch affair
Throwing noodles everywhere.
The ladies agreed it would be fine
To let him join our girly time.

After tea, they all had a play,
Fetching ball made Savannah's day.
With the kitchen cleaned, we all played Rummy
With fresh baked bread to warm our tummies.

The video below is quite a riot
Savannah's on an "all ball" diet.
Wilder loves to watch her run
And with company, it was twice the fun!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

I Need a Little Cuhl-tcha

Following a "carpe diem" streak inspired by my Dove Promises chocolate wrapper, Sunday I decided it was time to take an adventure into Austin and get a little culture. I've gone into the city a few times, but always with friends or to places I have been before (mainly Central Market -aka Kelly's Heaven on Earth.)

We went to the Austin Museum of Art where the current exhibition is on Sol LeWitt, a major contributor to the minimalist and conceptual art movements. Some of his works spanning his long career and also a nice smattering of his personal art collection filled the relatively small museum. His work is based on "systems and instructions, rather than objective expressions or arbitrary decisions." I liked the concept, but am not a fan of the result. This is because I hate math. It was fascinating seeing entire works of art based on methodical variations of arcs covering all degrees, but it was not my cup of tea. The art seemed more of an experiment than a statement, and all void of emotion -which I suppose was his point. Though I didn't care for his work, I am glad it made me think. And Wilder managed to be a perfect gentleman as we quietly strolled the gallery.

Overestimating the time required to visit the museum we had a couple hours to kill before heading to Central Market to listen to the live music they have with various bands Thursday - Sunday, another event I had never been to. So Wilder and I strolled down Congress and 6th street playing tourists.

This one's for you, Betty ;)

A capital view, if I do say so myself!

Having about as much as we could stand of the heat, we hopped in the car and headed to Central Market. We strolled, perused, gandered, and drank in all the wonderful sights and smells of the store. I purchased some new Putumayo cds which I am thoroughly enjoying and a jar of jam my grandmother swears by, then we prepared for dinner and a little night music.

Wilder helped me eat my dinner and we enjoyed the mellow sounds of the band playing "1960's soul." Friendly people surrounded us, struck up conversations about child development and the Austin area, and it was marvelous people watching.

This lady had the right idea. I didn't know you could buy beverages -particularly a bottle of wine or a six pack of beer- and enjoy them while listening to the music. She busted out her plastic wine glass and -impressively- her wine bottle opener travel kit complete with a leather holder and savored her newly purchased bottle of wine. I liked her style.

Having about as much synthesized organ as I could stand, Wilder and I went home. I drove home with a greater confidence in my grasp of our lovely city and thankful I went with my whim and embarked on our little adventure. With a child/children any trip out of the house is an event. You feel like ice cream after dinner? Remember to make a fresh bottle just in case, have the diaper bag stocked, make sure the baby (sort of) matches after he's been in several outfits throughout the day... moms, you know what I'm saying. So getting out of the house and taking "adventures" can be daunting, especially when you don't know your way around very well. I'm glad I did it, and I will continue to -not that much has ever held me back. Watch out, Austin, this mama's on a roll!


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