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Saturday, August 16, 2008

Girls in the Afternoon

Kayla and Emily came to play,
Two sweet sisters, on Friday.
For them, I had some plans in store
But we ended up doing a whole lot more.

Lessons in baking, first thing said,
We started the process of baking bread
Stir it together, let it grow
Later, we played with the fluffy dough

Rice Crispy Treats are always sweet
When presented as tea party treats.
Chocolate, grapes and nectarines,
Our tea party was peachy keen.

Wilder had a lunch affair
Throwing noodles everywhere.
The ladies agreed it would be fine
To let him join our girly time.

After tea, they all had a play,
Fetching ball made Savannah's day.
With the kitchen cleaned, we all played Rummy
With fresh baked bread to warm our tummies.

The video below is quite a riot
Savannah's on an "all ball" diet.
Wilder loves to watch her run
And with company, it was twice the fun!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

What a hoot!

You lucky ducky
- a self exercising canine and baby entertainer all wrapped into one. How can we market this?

I love you, Dear. Take care and call me sometime. Love, Mama


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