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Thursday, April 30, 2015

Slice of Life: Just Another Wednesday Together

Typing with one hand as I feed Tennyson mashed bananas and listen to 1950s Cuban tunes to start off this Thursday morning before 9 am hits and I'm back in the office to tackle my mountain-high to-do list.  It's the average American life, yet how utterly unaverage (it's a word) it is.  There's a richness to life that's new to me, and a large part of it has to do with my attitude and shift in goals.  Instead of letting deadlines (which are real and important) rule my attention, I'm finally understanding that *indeed* family and relationships and enjoying life are at the top of the list.  Thanks to a great tip I heard from Nate Tebow on a podcast with Greg O'Gallagher, I'm starting each day with 3 GrAttitudes (things I'm thankful for) and 3 Things To Make The Day Great.  At first my list of things that would make the day great were more business oriented (book a wedding, conquer my to-do list, etc.) but then I realized that although those are important, there are other little things that would make the day fantastic that have nothing to do with work.  *GASP*  Could it be?!

(By the way, I have two hands now.  And two words: high chair.)

So my list of Things To Make The Day Great began to evolve and I started finding such joy in each day.  Things such as A) Fly kites with the kids, B) Spend 10 minutes day dreaming about something wonderful, C) Focus on connecting with others, D) Give lots of hugs, E) Use special china to fancy up dining, F) Dance with Waverley.  These little joys have made a HUGE difference.
And in this post, here are little pieces of my joy in an average day off around the house.


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