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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Happy Birthday, MiMa!

Though she had major surgery Wednesday, MiMa still celebrated her special day in style! She feels terrific and looks marvelous -we're so happy to have our MiMa!

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Ode to a Fabulous Husband

"Rock Star" has a new definition: Brian. Tireless "Wilder Watcher," breakfast maker and hot tea fetcher, Brian has been a super (four) star husband and father. Not like this is anything new, but he's been in true form particularly since Waverley has arrived and I've been wrapped up in cloud 9 in Baby Heaven. His impeccable patience blows me away, particularly with Wilder. I so greatly appreciate getting to see him play Mr. Mom and have been taking notes -we have so much to learn from each other and it is always helpful to see another approach at managing things around the house and with our little dude.

Wilder is certainly becoming Daddy's Little Man and loves working and playing alongside Brian, whether in the kitchen or in the garage. Some of Wilder's Cling-On traits he saved for Mommy are now being transferred to Papa. This morning as Brian was fixing eggs Wilder wedged himself between Brian's legs and the counter cabinets, pushing on his knees to get his attention and secure a place in him arms. Typically something he'd only save for Mama, now Papa gets to be the go-to guy. Ah, *bonding!*

More cause for Brian to think I am completely nuts: I am over the moon with happiness and won't stop telling him. It is such a gift to get to devote most of my waking (and sleeping) moments to connecting with and soaking in our new little girl, something I could not do if Brian wasn't such an amazing help. He'd say he's not "helping," just doing his job -*sigh* more reason to be over the moon with happiness! And guess what? Not one single complaint, gripe or moan about stepping in and filling both my shoes and his while he's been on paternity leave. It's not his style. And it's a constant lesson to me -one that makes me a better person (well, I'm trying...) just by being around him. Oh, how I love this man!

So thank you, Brian, for being incredible -just by being you. You bless the living daylights out of me every day and I am so honored to be your wife.
I love "us"!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Miss Wavy Jane

Miss Waverley's first official portrait session at 4 days old. Falling more and more in love with her every day.

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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Introducing Waverley Jane!

She arrived and we're finally back home getting settled. More to come later, but for now please celebrate with us through pictures -we wish you were there! Thank you so much for your love and prayers!

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Friday, January 22, 2010

She's Heee-yerrrrr!

Waverley Jane took her first breath of central Texas air at 3:10am this morning.

Her mama would like to thank the Lord Jesus for epidural anesthesia and modern medicine.

She and our new baby girl are resting comfortably at the hospital and will update with pics by the end of the weekend.

Stay tuned. Same brat time. Same brat channel.

-Proud Papa

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Nearly 39 Weeks

Oh, why not? Let's take some belly pictures while I've still got a reason to take them!
She'll be 39 weeks baked come Saturday, which just so happens to be Boppa's birthday!
I found an elf in the studio...
And a furry critter.
Oh my goodness, what this does to my heart!
My little rapscallion!
I didn't even have to bribe! He wanted to have his picture taken (but only 1 time.) Lucky shot!

Little Birds

I hung the Welcome Birds in our bedroom where Waverley will be for the first several weeks and, oh, they are so beautiful! Betty/MiMa and Brooke made them for the baby shower and each woman wrote a precious note to Waverley on the back. They are such a blessing and wonderful keepsakes. I hope to send her off to college with them as a reminder of how loved she is.

The little lamb Wilder's great grandma Lolly gave him, which now he's sharing with sissy and a basket full of receiving blankets and girly burp cloths.
It looks much prettier in person and in the afternoon light when the sun comes around the other side of the house, but this is a morning shot I grabbed today. Our little girl's corner :) It makes the room feel so "ready."

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Not Yet

We went to the hospital after 3 hours of hard contractions, but after 2 hours and no further dilation were sent home. It was crushing. I know that's how it goes sometimes, but I was fiercely hoping to avoid "false alarms" having been twice prematurely with Wilder. I'm not sure what to do except wait until I'm writhing in agony or my water breaks, the latter means I have to forgo an epidural which is something I'd much rather have than not.

I hated coming home and calling/emailing family and friends with the disappointing news that it was a false alarm, particularly since it was the most painful episode of contractions I've had. I think next time I'm headed to the hospital I will only tell a few folks instead of announcing it for all to see and just surprise everyone with pictures of our beautiful little girl when she is finally ready to make her appearance.

My contractions have settled down, Wilder's finally off to bed, Brian's at a night range and I'm resting through the remaining contractions while watching epic films. She can't hide forever, so that's a consolation, but it has been so hard today.

Weekly Waverley Update

Today just might be the day. My doctor was surprised to see me show up to my appointment today and decided that, if I was okay with it, she'd try to stir things up and get this baby on its way.

I am 4 cm dilated and Waverley's nearly at station 2+ (remember, at 3+ you begin to see the crown) and I'm still 90% effaced. Guys and squeamish ladies read no further, fair warning. My lovely doc pulled the cervix forward and said she'd be available through this evening if I went into labor. If I am still pregnant come Monday she said to give her a call and schedule an induction, she didn't let me make another weekly appointment saying I surely wouldn't still be pregnant by next Wednesday.

Well, whatever my doc did I am thoroughly uncomfortable now and will try doing laps around the kitchen to alleviate the aching in my legs and back and try to get contractions going. Brian's on his way home to do some paperwork and is scheduled for a night range starting at 6pm that goes through early in the morning, so pray that this baby gets on her way now or stays put until tomorrow!

Lots of love,

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Sunday Play in Salado

We had the most glorious Sunday. After church we stopped by the house, picked up the camera, headed to Whataburger for a sinful lunch on the go, and drove north to Belton/Salado. Wilder fell asleep in the car so we decided to take a bit of a tour, enjoying wonderful conversation and lovely farm scenes. Our roadtrip conversations are some of my most cherished times together. Seriously, my eyes glisten and my nose stings just thinking of our times traveling together and the great talks we have. Gosh darnit, I LOVE my husband!
After Wilder woke up we stopped at Pace Park in Salado for a bit of playtime. Wilder loved it -there were several other kids plus a big, wonderful daddy to play with.
Brian really got into this playscape -literally.

And he even went down the curly slide!

Brian's squatting in the little play house with the camera entertaining several wee folks.

Harry Potter slips down the slide, wand in hand.
I'm in love with those little feet.
Aaahhhhh, wood chips! Wilder loves throwing them -everywhere. Particularly on the slide.
Thief in action. Wilder highjacks this sweet little girl's ball and promptly runs off to the other side of the park. She was kind enough to share. I waited with her while Brian retrieved the scoundrel with ball in hand.
Caught! Wilder highly objected to leaving the park, but we had fun and a lovely adventure! Hooray, hooray for family time and impromptu roadtrips!

A little update on the homefront: I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow for my weekly check up. Hopefully some fun news to share after that, though I admit I keep hoping and praying every day and night that it be the time for Waverley's grand entrance. I'm feeling great and even have moments where I completely forget I'm pregnant. Sleeping is becoming more difficult, but I'm taking advantage of Wilder's nap time and sneaking in a few more winks, treasuring all the sleep I can get because I am very well aware that life will be a sleepy blur for the first month after little dumpling arrives. Sending you all lots of love and big hugs!

Friday, January 15, 2010

Paper Play

As you can see, I made it to the craft store -and I'm having a little too much fun. It's fabulous going on a theme and making slight changes. This is just the first batch and the next ones will be slightly different as well, so more fun to be had. This is actually a sample set for my cousin's wife who is expecting a little girl this spring. I was pleased as punch when she asked me to consider making hers -what a treat, what a treat!

On a side note, please pray for patience for me. I'm staring to get a little exasperated again, expecting (as the doctor said) for Waverley to come as early as last week and feeling so very pregnant. And anxious. Though, thanks to this latest crafting spurt, I am continuing to distract myself as best as I can.

Oh, and the Anne of Avonlea pajama and tea party last night with Bre was FABULOUS!!! I so wanted to go into labor last night, seeing it as THE PERFECT way to introduce my little girl into the world. Alas, it was not meant to be. But any day now, any day :) I rest in the confidence that God has a perfect time appointed for her to come. Can't wait to know what her birthday will be!
Thank you for your prayers and encouragement!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Deckin' Out the Crib

Hi-ho there, neighbor! Here are the (late) promised photos of the sewing I did on Monday for Waverley. Once again using materials I already had at the house (though I swear I'm making it to the craft store within the next few days -that or the hospital) I made a bassinet pad out of a retro/vintage pillow case (which fits PERFECTLY!) and a matching "Kelly" blanket. I love making these baby blankets. They are a full yard making them perfect for swaddling after they quickly outgrow those tiny receiving blankets, plus they will last through the toddler years as snuggle-time, storytime and movie-watching blankies.

How To Make a "Kelly" Blanket:
Purchase a yard each of flannel and cotton/broadcloth fabric. Pre-wash. Sew ribbons as desired on the flannel. Place right sides together and sew around, leaving a pocket large enough to pull the fabric right side out. Iron, sew up pocket and sew a U-shape in the blanket to keep the fabric flat and in place. Tada! The "Kelly" Blanket!

Bassinet Pad:
Take a pillow case, line it with several layers of quilt batting. Sew the bottom/opening of the pillow case closed. Sew a line down the middle to keep batting in place. Top it off with two rows (flanking middle seam) of ties (see other photos) to further keep batting in place and to add decoration!

Another "Kelly" blanket I made for Waverley. I've had this material for over 2 years, just waiting to make a blankie out of it and I am so glad that I get to give it to Waverley -I've always adored this retro print.

So precious!
The plan is to head to Hobby Lobby after Wilder gets up from his nap to spend as much time as he'll allow browsing the fabulous crafts supplies. I'm getting an inkling to make a quilt for her (mine are SO basic it's not even funny, so don't be too impressed) and I am sure I will find inspirations (read: temptation) there.

Tonight I'm having my dear friend Bre over to watch "Anne of Avonlea" in our PJ's while having an after dinner tea party. How fun is that?! I forgot to tell Brian about it, but I'm sure he won't mind having a very good reason to hide out in his man cave(s) -either his office or the garage- while we have an estrogen-fest. Hooray for girly, girly, girly time!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The Weekly Update

Yes, yes, I'm still here -and great with child. Here's the news from today's doctor's appointment.
I'm 3 cm dilated, still 90% effaced (not sure if I can be any thinner while not being in full-blown labor,) and Waverley is at station 1+. So what does that last part mean? "Stations" range from 4- to 4+, the first being before the baby drops, the last being the baby crowning. Baby is in blast off position when it reaches station 0 and at station 3+ you are able to see the head ready to pop out. Basically this little girl is SUUUUUPER low.

Okay...any time you're ready, Waverley :) Anytime.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Birth Announcements -An Economical Solution

Today I was browsing the web looking for birth announcements and noticed that prices are higher than I am willing to fork out. Consequently, I dug around my paper crafting supplies and decided to see what I could come up with without making a trip to the store.
Using items I purchased over the years, starting with our wedding invitations and then Wilder's birth announcements, I was able to put together fun top folding cards that didn't cost (an extra) dime.

I loved being able to handcraft each one; it further enhanced my sense of celebration at the upcoming arrival of this precious gift.
Yesterday I made a bassinet pad and blanket from a vintage pillow case and sheet set and another blanket with a retro print of children and angels. I'll snap some photos this week and post them. I'm so glad that I am finally getting around to doing these special crafts for Waverley, just as I had done them for Wilder. I think I'm ready now. Ready, ready, ready.
To be filled out completely after she arrives! Hooray!!!

Monday, January 11, 2010

Just Tootin' Around

Wilder and I have been watching bits and pieces of "Stomp: Live" on Netflix -you know, the performing group of percussionists who bang around on "found" objects such as trash cans, buckets, paper bags and tubes, etc. He loved all the rhythm and has been inspired to start honing his skills -starting with "found" objects around the house. Here he's doing the classic "pots and pans" routine.

Trying to get in more photography practice, I spent a little time shooting these lovely fresh flowers Brooke and Betty brought for the baby shower on Saturday. They are wonderful to have around my "office" (aka the kitchen) and fill the room with such a delicious and delicate fragrance.
Shooting flowers is also great practice for the weddings I have booked, starting this spring. I have consultations with two brides this week and I'm excited about being included on their special days. I booked a wedding on my birthday (July 2nd) and told my sister about it. Her reaction, "Why did you do that?!" Well, cause it's a wedding. It's business. No big deal, it's just a birthday. Then she reminded me that it's my 30th birthday. Ooooooh, YEAAAAAAhhhhh.... Okay, so that makes a difference.
Well, I'll just celebrate on the 3rd. Too funny.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Waverley's Baby Shower

Brooke and Betty threw me the most elegant and delicious baby shower! I was overwhelmed by the love and generosity of all the very special women who attended "showered" on me and my little girl. Thank you all so much for everything! I am so blessed!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Waverley's Special Treat

Today we braved the below freezing weather -yes, ridiculous for Central Texas- and made a run to the grocery store. Besides restocking the fridge and pantry just in case the little bundle arrives sooner than later, I also created a collection of snacks and treats specifically for the hospital. I had a little too much fun. Granola bars, beef jerky, trail mix, flavored rice cakes, several types of sugar-free candy (for during labor, even though I still have a bag unopened from Wilder's birth Brian had gotten me) and even the game Boggle. I almost snagged various International Coffee tins -you know, the powered flavored coffee beverages in those cute rectangular tins? I restrained myself, albeit only slightly.

The car is packed with a quilt my grandma made me, 2 extra pillows, the bag of goodies, and a sleepover bag for Wilder with several days worth of clothing just in case he has to come with me to the hospital and be transferred to MiMa's from there. My bag, on the other hand, is pretty much packed but remains in my bedroom so I can still access my make up. I made sure to bring the cozy socks Betty gave me and the nursing nightgown/robe set my mother bought me to use with Wilder -it's white with hot pink toile, perfect for welcoming a little girl into the world.

This afternoon I made a little treat for the baby shower Betty and Brooke are throwing for me, white chocolate covered pretzels with pink sprinkles. I ADORE the fabulous blend of crunchy, sweet and salty chocolate covered pretzels provide. Fun texture, outrageous taste, super easy.

*Sigh* more (restless) waiting, but being productive. Now it's time I did something constructive -I think I'll tackle some written correspondence that is embarrassingly overdue. Have a wonderful day! You can count on hearing from me tomorrow, I've become oh-so-chatty in these last days of pregnancy. So, what are you doing?


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