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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Little Birds

I hung the Welcome Birds in our bedroom where Waverley will be for the first several weeks and, oh, they are so beautiful! Betty/MiMa and Brooke made them for the baby shower and each woman wrote a precious note to Waverley on the back. They are such a blessing and wonderful keepsakes. I hope to send her off to college with them as a reminder of how loved she is.

The little lamb Wilder's great grandma Lolly gave him, which now he's sharing with sissy and a basket full of receiving blankets and girly burp cloths.
It looks much prettier in person and in the afternoon light when the sun comes around the other side of the house, but this is a morning shot I grabbed today. Our little girl's corner :) It makes the room feel so "ready."

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Anonymous said...

So sweet. xo, Mama


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