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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Doctor, Doctor, Give Me The News

Yes, more baby talk. I just had my weekly appointment today and I'm here share the news. First, I'm about 2cm dilated. 2nd, I'm 90% effaced. Third, the baby's head is so low the doctor is surprised she's not peeking out and winking at me.

So that sounds promising, right? Like maybe we'll have a baby soon? Well, who knows.

Wilder was induced at 38 weeks and since I'm nearly 37 weeks I inquired if we were going to do that again. Apparently the hospital has changed their policy and elective inductions are now done at 39 weeks at the earliest. That means I will most likely get to have this baby "naturally." Then again, who knows.

I am resigned to wait out the rest of the month with patience and the anticipation that she's coming closer to her due date than earlier. I already feel more at peace about it than yesterday. *Sigh* I'm happy.

That's the news!

PS: Oh, and to show once again how totally ridiculous I am, yesterday after all that talk about taking it easy, being introspective, relaxing and enjoying... I bathed the dog and cleaned all three bathrooms. It goes to show my theory is correct: once you give yourself permission NOT to do something, you can accomplish anything. I know, I'm weird. I use reverse psychology on myself.

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Anonymous said...

oh oh oh ~ so so excited!!!!

Love, Mama


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