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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Birth Announcements -An Economical Solution

Today I was browsing the web looking for birth announcements and noticed that prices are higher than I am willing to fork out. Consequently, I dug around my paper crafting supplies and decided to see what I could come up with without making a trip to the store.
Using items I purchased over the years, starting with our wedding invitations and then Wilder's birth announcements, I was able to put together fun top folding cards that didn't cost (an extra) dime.

I loved being able to handcraft each one; it further enhanced my sense of celebration at the upcoming arrival of this precious gift.
Yesterday I made a bassinet pad and blanket from a vintage pillow case and sheet set and another blanket with a retro print of children and angels. I'll snap some photos this week and post them. I'm so glad that I am finally getting around to doing these special crafts for Waverley, just as I had done them for Wilder. I think I'm ready now. Ready, ready, ready.
To be filled out completely after she arrives! Hooray!!!


Anonymous said...

Just beautiful ~ as I'm sure she will be too :)

love, Mama

Cherie said...

Adorable! I'm a little surprised they won't be photo cards though.


Kelly Cameron said...

Oh, I'll be including a picture -but one I can print for 15 cents a piece instead of the ones that cost nearly 2 bucks! I can't WAIT to take her baby pictures!!


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