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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Deckin' Out the Crib

Hi-ho there, neighbor! Here are the (late) promised photos of the sewing I did on Monday for Waverley. Once again using materials I already had at the house (though I swear I'm making it to the craft store within the next few days -that or the hospital) I made a bassinet pad out of a retro/vintage pillow case (which fits PERFECTLY!) and a matching "Kelly" blanket. I love making these baby blankets. They are a full yard making them perfect for swaddling after they quickly outgrow those tiny receiving blankets, plus they will last through the toddler years as snuggle-time, storytime and movie-watching blankies.

How To Make a "Kelly" Blanket:
Purchase a yard each of flannel and cotton/broadcloth fabric. Pre-wash. Sew ribbons as desired on the flannel. Place right sides together and sew around, leaving a pocket large enough to pull the fabric right side out. Iron, sew up pocket and sew a U-shape in the blanket to keep the fabric flat and in place. Tada! The "Kelly" Blanket!

Bassinet Pad:
Take a pillow case, line it with several layers of quilt batting. Sew the bottom/opening of the pillow case closed. Sew a line down the middle to keep batting in place. Top it off with two rows (flanking middle seam) of ties (see other photos) to further keep batting in place and to add decoration!

Another "Kelly" blanket I made for Waverley. I've had this material for over 2 years, just waiting to make a blankie out of it and I am so glad that I get to give it to Waverley -I've always adored this retro print.

So precious!
The plan is to head to Hobby Lobby after Wilder gets up from his nap to spend as much time as he'll allow browsing the fabulous crafts supplies. I'm getting an inkling to make a quilt for her (mine are SO basic it's not even funny, so don't be too impressed) and I am sure I will find inspirations (read: temptation) there.

Tonight I'm having my dear friend Bre over to watch "Anne of Avonlea" in our PJ's while having an after dinner tea party. How fun is that?! I forgot to tell Brian about it, but I'm sure he won't mind having a very good reason to hide out in his man cave(s) -either his office or the garage- while we have an estrogen-fest. Hooray for girly, girly, girly time!


Anonymous said...

Fun Fun. Have a lovely time. Mama

Cherie said...

The Kelly blanket is my favorite blanket we own, no lie. However, I don't want to know how to make it. I would rather you make them for me. :)
I know it's Leslie's favorite one, too.


PS-Hang in there, Mama! Waverley will be here soon!

Kelly Cameron said...

Cherie, you make me blush :) I am so glad you like your/Dashiell's Kelly blanket!


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