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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Down Shifting

Having breached my 9th month of pregnancy I am now officially going crazy. Every morning I wake up and pray, "So, are we having the baby today? Please say yes," and subsequently I spend the entire waking hours slightly on edge as if waiting for someone to knock on the door with a million dollar check.

My motivation is missing, I've searched the house for it and can't seem to find it anywhere. It sounds like a really good idea to sit on the couch, watch movies and wait until I have regular contractions and it's "baby time." I'm not opposed to doing just this, except that is sounds pretty boring, especially if the baby comes on time and not early as my doctor predicts. That's a whole month of movie watching. I think we'll need to up our Netflix to full capacity.

Ah, I have it! Caffeine. A dose of black tea and I've got my inspiration back. Funny how joie de vivre can be found at the bottom of a cup. Still, I am taking my sister's advice and embracing this time of introversion, using it for introspection and preparation (and other things ending in sion/tion.) I think I'll follow her lead and have a pamper day today. Wilder and I shall enjoy a lovely bath soak, I'll repaint my toes, gloss up my fingernails, do a little microderming, heck -maybe even a detox masque! Yes, we walk on the wild side over here.

Talking with my dear, sweet sissy on the phone this morning I had an "ah-ha!" moment. Instead of being frustrated with myself for not wanting to do a single thing -except hurry up and have this lovely baby- I can seize this time to really focus on fortifying myself before life becomes more chaotic (and creative) than I have yet to experience. How smart of our bodies and minds to prompt us to take a "time out" in order to prepare. So before embarking on this great adventure of life with two children, I'm resting at base camp with cups of hot chocolate, soaking in the warmth of the campfire and enjoying what I have -the relative peace- at this moment. The journey up the mountain will commence soon enough and I'll be kicking myself for wanting the adventure to begin sooner than later.

After my cup of tea this morning I finished the only thing I've made Waverley so far -an embroidered wall hanging. I love it, even though the stitching is a little wobbly and crooked. Those baby blankets have yet to be made, but I'm cutting myself some slack and letting them happen when the inspiration strikes. For now, Wilder and I are off to have that soak in the tub and let our day continue as leisurely as we like.

But before I go, here's a family recipe I must share. It's the Pineapple Cheese Ball/Dip that my mother makes for parties and holidays that both my sister and I find impossible to make through Christmas without. I just whipped up another batch and am enjoying it with carrot sticks -I highly recommend it!

Pineapple Cheese Ball/Dip
by Jane Chapman

-2 8oz. pkg cream cheese or neufchatel
-1 can crushed pineapple (drained)
-2 cups chopped pecans
-1 sweet pepper (green or red add more color) finely chopped
-2 tblsp. finely chopped scallions (I use 3 stems)
-1 tsp. seasoning salt

1) In a medium bowl or mixer, mix cream cheese until smooth.
2) Stir in crushed pineapple, 1 cup of the chopped pecans, green pepper, onion/scallions and seasoning salt.
3) Roll into a ball and roll remaining nuts on the outside, or place in a container and sprinkle with remaining nuts.
4) Refrigerate overnight -it makes a huge difference the next day, all the flavors are enhanced and the consistency thickens.

*To create a dip, include the pineapple juice.
**Excellent with Wheat Thins and sliced vegetables (cucumbers, celery, carrots, etc.)



Anonymous said...

Very wise.

So for you - that would be shifting out of 4th gear and into 3rd?

We are all so excited for your precious little family.

Our prayers surround you all. Love, Mama

KatieC said...

I am glad that you are ready. I am so not prepared for our little bundle. Just a warning. . . the midwife told me that there was no way I was going full term with Maddie, so I was mentally prepared to go early. I really get the someone at the door analogy, but then M was 10 days late, which meant I sent six weeks thinking "today is the day." Not something that I would recommend.

Patrick will be off next week. Maybe we could meet for some tea or coffee.?

I love your wall hanging. Very sweet.

Cherie said...

I absolutely love that little wall hanging. So cute and so kitchy. Just like you.

Hope WJ makes her debut soon :)

Love, Cherie


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