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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Ode to a Fabulous Husband

"Rock Star" has a new definition: Brian. Tireless "Wilder Watcher," breakfast maker and hot tea fetcher, Brian has been a super (four) star husband and father. Not like this is anything new, but he's been in true form particularly since Waverley has arrived and I've been wrapped up in cloud 9 in Baby Heaven. His impeccable patience blows me away, particularly with Wilder. I so greatly appreciate getting to see him play Mr. Mom and have been taking notes -we have so much to learn from each other and it is always helpful to see another approach at managing things around the house and with our little dude.

Wilder is certainly becoming Daddy's Little Man and loves working and playing alongside Brian, whether in the kitchen or in the garage. Some of Wilder's Cling-On traits he saved for Mommy are now being transferred to Papa. This morning as Brian was fixing eggs Wilder wedged himself between Brian's legs and the counter cabinets, pushing on his knees to get his attention and secure a place in him arms. Typically something he'd only save for Mama, now Papa gets to be the go-to guy. Ah, *bonding!*

More cause for Brian to think I am completely nuts: I am over the moon with happiness and won't stop telling him. It is such a gift to get to devote most of my waking (and sleeping) moments to connecting with and soaking in our new little girl, something I could not do if Brian wasn't such an amazing help. He'd say he's not "helping," just doing his job -*sigh* more reason to be over the moon with happiness! And guess what? Not one single complaint, gripe or moan about stepping in and filling both my shoes and his while he's been on paternity leave. It's not his style. And it's a constant lesson to me -one that makes me a better person (well, I'm trying...) just by being around him. Oh, how I love this man!

So thank you, Brian, for being incredible -just by being you. You bless the living daylights out of me every day and I am so honored to be your wife.
I love "us"!

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Cherie said...

Such a beautiful post about your husband.
Enjoy that sweet family of yours :)



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