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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Sunday Play in Salado

We had the most glorious Sunday. After church we stopped by the house, picked up the camera, headed to Whataburger for a sinful lunch on the go, and drove north to Belton/Salado. Wilder fell asleep in the car so we decided to take a bit of a tour, enjoying wonderful conversation and lovely farm scenes. Our roadtrip conversations are some of my most cherished times together. Seriously, my eyes glisten and my nose stings just thinking of our times traveling together and the great talks we have. Gosh darnit, I LOVE my husband!
After Wilder woke up we stopped at Pace Park in Salado for a bit of playtime. Wilder loved it -there were several other kids plus a big, wonderful daddy to play with.
Brian really got into this playscape -literally.

And he even went down the curly slide!

Brian's squatting in the little play house with the camera entertaining several wee folks.

Harry Potter slips down the slide, wand in hand.
I'm in love with those little feet.
Aaahhhhh, wood chips! Wilder loves throwing them -everywhere. Particularly on the slide.
Thief in action. Wilder highjacks this sweet little girl's ball and promptly runs off to the other side of the park. She was kind enough to share. I waited with her while Brian retrieved the scoundrel with ball in hand.
Caught! Wilder highly objected to leaving the park, but we had fun and a lovely adventure! Hooray, hooray for family time and impromptu roadtrips!

A little update on the homefront: I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow for my weekly check up. Hopefully some fun news to share after that, though I admit I keep hoping and praying every day and night that it be the time for Waverley's grand entrance. I'm feeling great and even have moments where I completely forget I'm pregnant. Sleeping is becoming more difficult, but I'm taking advantage of Wilder's nap time and sneaking in a few more winks, treasuring all the sleep I can get because I am very well aware that life will be a sleepy blur for the first month after little dumpling arrives. Sending you all lots of love and big hugs!

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I AM JOE PESCI said...

Perfect moments. Thanks for sharing them!


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