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Monday, January 11, 2010

Just Tootin' Around

Wilder and I have been watching bits and pieces of "Stomp: Live" on Netflix -you know, the performing group of percussionists who bang around on "found" objects such as trash cans, buckets, paper bags and tubes, etc. He loved all the rhythm and has been inspired to start honing his skills -starting with "found" objects around the house. Here he's doing the classic "pots and pans" routine.

Trying to get in more photography practice, I spent a little time shooting these lovely fresh flowers Brooke and Betty brought for the baby shower on Saturday. They are wonderful to have around my "office" (aka the kitchen) and fill the room with such a delicious and delicate fragrance.
Shooting flowers is also great practice for the weddings I have booked, starting this spring. I have consultations with two brides this week and I'm excited about being included on their special days. I booked a wedding on my birthday (July 2nd) and told my sister about it. Her reaction, "Why did you do that?!" Well, cause it's a wedding. It's business. No big deal, it's just a birthday. Then she reminded me that it's my 30th birthday. Ooooooh, YEAAAAAAhhhhh.... Okay, so that makes a difference.
Well, I'll just celebrate on the 3rd. Too funny.

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Anonymous said...

Do you have a Kazoo? It's the perfect addition to a Pot and Pan Band :) Love to y'uall Mama


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