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Sunday, January 3, 2010

New Year's Honeymoon

I want to share a collection of photos from our special weekend full of warm fuzzies, togetherness, delicious food and adventure!

Brian and I celebrated New Year's Eve with dinner at Dia's Thai Restaurant in Georgetown, TX and loved every bite! I doubt I've remembered this correctly, but I ordered the Mee Sum Lad Na and it was fabulous! We loved the jasmine tea and the fried bananas in honey with vanilla ice cream. The owner, Dia, chatted with us and we had a wonderful dinner out -quite a rarity (we haven't been out to eat as a couple since...I have no idea.)

On New Year's Day we woke up late, snuggled until we were drooling for coffee, and made a lovely, leisurely breakfast. Cheese Blintzes and crepes with a delicious egg scramble, Anderson's 'Costa Rica' coffee and orange-pineapple mimosas. Yes, it was delicious! We pulled out the road atlas and decided it was time to take a random road trip, so at noon we loaded up with some sweet road tunes and headed west/southwest in the direction of Burnet and Fredericksburg.

We stopped first in Burnet's historic square -and heard crickets, it was SO quiet. We browsed the only store open, the Burnet Antique Mall on the Square, and the wonderfully sweet owner let me take photos in the store of all their fabulous wares! Oh, it is a fantastic antique store! Great prices, fun selection, terrific and friendly service. If you love antiques, if you like little towns, if you're ever in the area -you've GOT to stop into the Burnet Antique Mall on the Square! I bought stacking geese-shaped measuring cups and Brian found a monopoly-inspired Texas history board game from the 1960s that he couldn't resist. There were so many wonderful treasures I wanted to buy for family, friends -and myself, but resisted and instead snapped photos. Looking at the pictures, though, I just might have to drive back there soon and pick up a few irresistible pieces...

Back we hopped in the car and enjoyed our drive through the Texas Hill Country, passing wineries, orchards, vineyards and ranches galore on our way to Fredericksburg -a town we'd both heard tons about but never been to. We arrived close to 5pm and got an early dinner at Altdorf German Restaurant. It was delicious -every single bite! Highly recommend the Red Baron Sandwich and their Schnitzel, as well as the Belgium Chocolate Cheesecake. Holy. Cow. That was an amazing dessert.

By the time we finished our leisurely meal the sun had gone down and the moon had come up. The main street was a glow of Christmas lights and front window displays and we walked blocks and blocks, snapping away as we window shopped and walked arm in arm like the little lovebirds we are. On our way back we stopped at the outdoor skating rink and watched the elated kids and teens whirling and wobbling in little circles. One little boy looked just like we imagine Wilder will be in 5 years -a mop of blond hair, camo hunting jacket and a happy, determined look on his face as he swizzled around the rink by himself. So precious.

Listening to Ray LaMontagne and Eric Clapton's Unplugged cd, we contentedly made our way back home to Georgetown by the light of the silvery moon. Oh, what a day!

Yesterday we had a very rare treat and went to see a movie -"Sherlock Holmes." Yes, Brian loves me (I am a mystery buff and Sherlock Holmes addict.) The movie was fabulous and we both loved it. We took a trip into Austin to pick up some more Anderson's Coffee and by dinnertime MiMa and Boppa came to deliver our two Wild Things. Both Wilder and Savannah had a wonderful time at "camp" -thank you Betty & Barry! Brian and I are recharged and refreshed and so thankful for this 2nd honeymoon!
Now, when is that baby coming?...

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