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Sunday, January 7, 2018

The Kids Who Baked A Chocolate Cake

This new year -as with most years- I listed as one of my resolutions to capture life more, in both pictures and stories, so I grabbed my camera and have it sitting in the kitchen.  As with most kitchens, much of life happens around this, the center of the home.  So a camera handy here makes sense.
Truly enjoying the amazing feature of her cup: a removable straw, which allows her green smoothie to decorate everything...

Little baby toes.  My favorite.

Mr. Exuberance

Brian was going through the computer, cleaning up the hard drive, and ran across a bundle of videos of the kids from years ago.  It was a riot, and so sweet hearing the 2 big kids with squeaky little voices and seeing their wild hair blowing in the wind as they played outside.

Waverley and I started watching The Great British Baking Show and we agreed a cake must be made.  We used this vegan chocolate cake recipe and everybody got involved.  I set up the tripod and let the camera snap away for a good portion of the cake making, then grabbed some details at the end.

When she grows up (in like 5 minutes) Waverley wants to be a baker, a farmer and an artist.  She plans to have a house with her husband and kids and Wilder will live there, too.  He'll hang out with the kids while she goes to work.

She has ideas.

She's such an enthusiastic helper.  And she loves baking.
I adore her heart and spunky spirit.

 We tried a recipe for frosting with canned coconut milk, but I realized after I got started (classic Kelly) that I didn't have all the proper ingredients OR substitutes, so off to the store I went.  When we got back, we used this vegan chocolate frosting recipe and it turned out quite nice.

Tennyson waiting to lick more things and making as much noise as possible, because that's his job as a three year old.

(I love the little smile on his face as he's enjoying spreading!)

As I was piping the frosting in sweet little stars along the bottom, my icing bag BURST.  So: Poop decoration.  It looks *horrid* but it actually tasted quite lovely.

The kids insisted on sprinkles for the finishing touch. Good choice kids, good choice.  Looks less like poop that way.

Halloween 2017, Slice of Life

Today we're wearing pjs all day.  It's a self-declared PJ holiday.  
Sunday mornings are always pancakes -something fun to look forward to each week- and while the kids kick off the day watching Lego shows on Netflix, we'll be homebodies with a focus on snuggling, reading and laying about.  Tomorrow I'll clean the house, but today?  People.

Although these photos are from Halloween, it's a slice of life.  And I love slices of life.  
I love looking back at what people were up to, into, and looked like.

So this is us then.
I love us.


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