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Friday, January 5, 2018

New Years Eve Photo Party

We partied this year.  Normally we don't.   Not big partiers, at least not in the past, but I do believe that we may be in for a change.
A lot is changing for 2018, and it's beautiful. 
I'm getting to focus on being a mom while Brian builds a business.  The trading of roles has contributed to making our household the happiest it's ever been in the history of our family.  And can I tell you a secret?

I used to dream of this little farmhouse in the woods; the perfect home where my soul felt free and at peace and sung amidst the tall, dense trees and the vegetable garden in the back.  A home where the front door swung open and let children out to roam free, playing for hours in nature.  With a kitchen filled with fresh baked goods, home cooking; one of those kitchens you just never want to leave and lend themselves to hours of conversation and comfort over cups of tea and fresh cookies.  With a rock fireplace flanked by shelves filled with great literature, a living room with the most comfortable armchairs which would glow in the lamplight on quiet evenings.
The yearning I felt when dreaming of this perfect house -it's gone.  Because I feel like I am actually IN this home now.  My perfect home.  And I didn't have to move.

Cooking away in my kitchen, I continue to be hit with waves of joy, peace and contentment. I am living my dream and I finally have everything I want.  And what's completely nuts is that it's been here all along.

It is phenomenal not having that piece of discontentment in my heart anymore.  My heart is so full, leaving the role of provider and becoming a full-time homemaker.  I am utterly thankful to my husband for facilitating this -and our whole family is blossoming under our new transformation.

Life is ridiculously good.

So: We decided to party this NYE.
The kids helped come up with a schedule of events and menu, they even decorated the night before so we could celebrate in style.

We kicked it off with a photo party before Truly went down for her nap and I am SO happy that we were able to get a shot with all faces toward the camera -miracle of miracles!  After that, it was dress up time and we blasted the kid tunes while I got to snap away at the silliness.

Decorating on NYE Eve (yep, the night before NYE.)

While I cooked up a vegan version of some traditional Scottish fare for Brian and I as we celebrated Hogmanay, the kids had pizza while watching "Brave" -in keeping with the Scottish theme. Our bonfire plan had to be rainchecked since it was too chilly, but the big kids and I roasted marshmallows over our gas stove (high fives!) and we had hot cocoa while playing Go Fish.  We reflected on our past year's adventures and talked about what we hoped and planned for the new year.  And at midnight we toasted with sparkling cider and champagne while watching a pretty well done fireworks display some neighbors shot off across the way!

The menu :)

This new year of 2018 promises to be the best yet for our family -our hearts are truly overflowing with joy and it's darn tootin' ridiculous how happy we feel.  Folks, there's been a LOT of ups and downs, but thanks to some simple (yet profound) changes, we are living the dream.
It sounds bogus and fluffy, but every day is proof that, HOLY COW, we had no idea we could create so much happiness.  

We are so grateful to have gotten to this place.  And all the bumps along the way lead us here and created a contrast to where we are now.  We've had plenty of being unhappy, frustrated, unsatisfied, hurt, etc.  It feels so darn good to be in this sweet place as a family now.

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