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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Austin Tea Party!

A (mainly) photographic representation of our Austin Tea Party. The three hour event, which included a symbolic dumping of symbolic tea boxes into the symbolic Boston Harbor (Town Lake,) was fabulously attended! We were proud to be a part of a gathering of ordinary folks standing up for our basic rights, speaking up against the theft of our earnings for reckless and frivolous government spending.

MiMa and Boppa met up with us soon after we arrived and then the party really began!
One of the many families of patriots.

This was our (Wilder and my) second rally here on the steps of the state capitol. It was really Wilder's idea to go -but he needed a ride, so we joined him.

Whaddya know?! We found our dear friends, Patrick & Katie (and Co.) On Katie's birthday, no less! Happy Birthday, Katie! And what a pleasure to finally meet her dad, too (in orange.)
Ready for the march from the steps of the capitol down to the shore of Town Lake for the Tea Party!
I've never been part of a march before. I've done a 5 mile race where traffic was held up, but that was on a rainy day in little ol' Anchorage, AK. A march on Austin during rush hour -completely different.
Crossing over the bridge, viewing the site of the Tea Party Rally.

The reenactment of the Boston Tea Party. No tea bags were permitted in the lake and, as you can see, several teams were there to immediate scoop up the boxes "thrown" into the water. All in all, a gesture that the average American is fed up with the Feds being so friendly with our pocket books, quickly taking over our freedoms and destroying all that America was built upon.
How great to be a voice, a body, a representation of America, joining with others to stand up and say, "No More!"

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Anonymous said...

What a great treat to see you there. I am so glad that we are like minded. How amazing that we found each other? There were a ton of people. Sorry you didn't join us for some burgers, but it looks like you got to see the "tea" part of the party.

See you soon.


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