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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

All Aboard The Zilker Zephyr: Family Fun in Austin, TX

110412 Train 06
I had an audition at noon in Austin and we decided to make a day of it.  I packed a munchy-style lunch for the family and Brian loaded up the kiddos, knocked out my audition (for print work) and headed out to ride the train.  The miniature locomotive, the Zilker Zephyr, in Zilker Park next to Barton Springs.

110412 Train 07
You see, we have a train enthusiast in the family.  Thomas the Tank Engine, PBS show "Dinosaur Train," the circus train in "Dumbo," and of course "Polar Express."  Wilder was purdy darn excited.

110412 Train 08
For under $10 we were all able to make the 25 minute journey together.  All Aboard!
Honestly, it felt like we were celebrating a birthday.  The sun, the fun, the family -pure goodness!  We will definitely take this outing again.  And the area is a WEALTH of family activity.  Barton Springs where you can splash in the chilly water, dog parks galore, an enormous playground next to the "train station," concession stand, outdoor theater (often) featuring Shakespearian plays, etc.

110412 Train 09
(Compliments of Brian)

I felt more a part of Austin life chugging along the tracks with Waverley on my lap, the boy behind me, than I have in ages -perhaps ever.
Highly recommend enjoying the train/park on a weekday if you can swing it.

110412 Train 10
(Compliments of Brian)

110412 Train 11
(Compliments of Brian)
Wilder cracked us up with his folded hands in anticipation of the ride.  We have never -NEVER- asked him or showed him how to sit with hands folded.  Not sure where he picked up some proper behavior...  Miss Erin?

110412 Train 12
I'm still laughing!

110412 Train 13

110412 Train 14
Captivated by the scenery.

110412 Train 15
(Compliments of Brian)
Miss Waverley was a hoot, too.  She insisted on holding onto the front rail with both hands for the majority of the trip.  More power to ya, sister.

110412 Train 16
Who's the Master of Fun?  Brian.  Ordered a large snowcone for the family to share after the ride.  It was quite a hit.
And who says not to eat the yellow snow?  It's tasty!

110412 Train 17
The kids loved the large playscape.  Shoes would have been a good idea, though.  A wee bit hot on the tootsies, but it encouraged them to say goodbye to the park and get out of the sun.  Besides, we can't keep shoes on these little people, anyway.

110412 Train 18
Das Babas.

110412 Train 19
Daddy's Darling.

110412 Train 20
Chin up, Mr. Seal.

110412 Train 21

110412 Train 22
*Sigh* It was a good day.  They screamed for all but the last 5 minutes home, but I'm sure it was screams of joy.  And tiredness.  But mainly joy.
I hope this spring/summer we take more adventures out and about Central Texas.
Let's plan on it.

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Anonymous said...

What a great place! Perfect for your sweet family :)
Did I mention how handsome the men are in your family and thoes dazzling dames a delight to the eyes.
Love you all, Mama


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