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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Running For My Life

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I've said it before:  I didn't grow up athletic.  In my early adulthood I took my physical fitness by the horns and attempted to get in shape and live a (relatively) active lifestyle.  Aerobic kickboxing, gym membership, step classes -I felt like I was pushing myself to new heights.  When I worked up to running my first two miles on the treadmill, it was major cause for celebration.  I developed my fitness routine(s) and stuck to my limits -20 push ups (modified, at that) a set amount of crunches, maxing at 2 miles, etc.

It wasn't until I met Brian that I realized I could go further, faster.  He's been avidly into fitness/body building for nearly two decades.  Yeah, he's been doing this awhile.  Brian has taught me over the past six years that I can plow through my mental blocks that keep me working out "like a girl" so I can achieve greater physical fitness.  Which brings us to the present.  The biggest, scariest goal I've ever set for myself:  running a 1/2 marathon.


Okay, I'm good.  I'm good.  Just recovering from the enormity of the challenge.  See?  Mental blocks...

Brian has run 5 full marathons; I've run one 5 mile race that I was just thankful to finish alive, so while this training is a cake walk for The Hubs, it's a MAJOR challenge for this mama.  Last week we started our training with the goal of a 4 mile run.  Brian pushes the double stroller and I pad along side.  We ran two 4 1/2 mile days and two shorter runs, so this week we're on to 6 miles for the long run.  Yesterday (-deep breath-) I conquered the never-been-done-before.  For me.

I ran 6 miles.  6.  Whole.  Miles.  And we were sprinting at the end.  I'm still amazed and allowing myself to feel the glorious accomplishment of it.  Though it's not quite half of the total I'll be running in just a few weeks, six miles is something I never thought I'd be running without months of gradual training.  Thanks to Brian's experience, athleticism, (and for ticking me off at the last half mile,) we sprinted to a finish I was certain I would be hobbling toward.  Another feat -we finished just under 60 minutes.  I didn't know I could do 10 minute miles for that length.

Busting through the impossible, thanks to my incredible fitness coach -and making it a family affair.
We'll see how the journey goes as we conquer the next several weeks.  For now, I am rapturously happy leaving 6 miles is the dust.

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I AM JOE PESCI said...

Holy Crap! That's simply awesome. You're awesome!! You should hire Brian out. I'm in need of some serious serious help.

Ok, have you read Run Like A Mother? It's an easy FUN read and it's really helped me on the days that I just don't wanna do it. I'll read a page or two and feel motivated enough to get out there.



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