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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Living My Dream

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I remember standing in the kitchen with my Dad discussing my future.  I wanted to be an actor/filmmaker and was debating what route to go after graduating high school.  During that time in my life what I wanted most was to be a part of Christian films.  Life rarely happens the way you plan, and after all these years I never expected that my first major role in a feature film would be in a Christian movie.  I'd given up on that dream long ago.

It hit me yesterday that, finally, I was truly living my dream.  Wardrobe fittings and a screen test for make up and hair, running 6 miles with the family, editing a large batch of wedding photos, my highlighted script open next to my home work station -family, creativity, entrepreneurship, acting: I hadn't abandoned my dreams; they were coming to fruition.

Life is marked by seasons, chapters, moments.  I continue understanding new levels of this reality as I stare down can'ts and see beyond my impossibles.  This moment in time I am embracing the beautiful chord strum by so many hopes and dreams coming into play at once.  I don't know if I'll have an opportunity like this again, but seeing that it's possible is a source of extreme happiness.  I wish I could stand in my kitchen with my Dad and tell him all the exciting things going on and see that proud smile on his face.  We'd talk about possibilities, the future, new endeavors and continue dreaming.  Though Dad is gone, I can't express how thankful I am to have Brian -my fellow planner, hoper, dreamer, idea generator.  And my best friend.

I'm packing up to shoot a wedding in San Antonio today and am looking forward to the two hour drive.  Time to dream.

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Anonymous said...

Oh Kelly, Dad would be so proud of you! I know I am and my joy is boundless as I see you in this season of life. Love Always, Mama


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