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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Easter Friends

110424 Easter edits 1
These boots were made for walking.  Actually, these thrift-store finds (formerly recognizable as Thomas the Train boots) have transformed to slippers that Wilder insists on wearing on the wrong feet, tearing off sections of rubber and lovingly toting around most anywhere.  They're disgusting, but he loves them.  And they were part of his Easter outfit.

110424 Easter edits 2
We opened packages from both sets of grandparents and the kids had a lovely time sugaring up.  Wilder concealing a mouth full of jelly beans.

110424 Easter edits 3
The Family Easter shot.

110424 Easter edits 4
As I prepped for a late Easter lunch with friends, Waverley kicked off the celebration with a party tray of fruit.

110424 Easter edits 5
Oh, my little cheeseball.

110424 Easter edits 6
The celebrities arrived!  Jason Gerhart (leading man of "Out of the Darkness" we're currently filming) and his wonderful family from Los Angeles joined us for a day of fun!

110424 Easter edits 8
We popped in a movie after our meal and the kids settled down for a bit before we commenced the egg hunt.

110424 Easter edits 9

110424 Easter edits 11
Chalae and I --I mean, the EASTER BUNNY-- hid the eggs in the back yard while the daddies held the kids down inside, then we released the hounds.

110424 Easter edits 12

110424 Easter edits 15
"I have NO idea what we're supposed to be doing, but this is fun!"

110424 Easter edits 16
As an experienced egg hunter, Madison had the concept down.

110424 Easter edits 17
Balin (I know I spelled that wrong -sorry, Chalae!) was fascinated by taking Waverley's binki in and out of her mouth.  Such a funny pair; only a few months apart.

110424 Easter edits 18
Watching a video of himself with daddy.

110424 Easter edits 19

110424 Easter edits 20
The youngests were the easiest to photograph since they were more into flitting about than hunting for candy.  Too cute.

110424 Easter edits 21
Madison and Hudson sharing their spoils.

110424 Easter edits 22
Ready for his close up!

110424 Easter edits 23
Looks like trouble...

110424 Easter edits 24
The daddies.

110424 Easter edits 25

110424 Easter edits 27
Madison was helping Waverley accessorize.  Hooray for girl time!

110424 Easter edits 28
My favorite shot of the day.  Such a precious moment.

110424 Easter edits 29
"Hm...Look what I found!"

110424 Easter edits 30

110424 Easter edits 31
The peak of the entertainment was blowing up the balloons, then letting the air out, watching them zip around the yard.  I tried to fill the eggs with a fair amount of toys so it wasn't total sugar mania.  Still, Brian ended up tossing our collection of candy the next day when a handful of toddlers got into a bag and started bouncing off the walls.  Literally.
Balloons = endless fun.

110424 Easter edits 32
A woman on a mission.

110424 Easter edits 33
Good times.

We are so thankful for the time we've gotten to spend with this great family.  It's been inspiring and exciting hearing about their journey from the midwest to the west coast and what's happening in Tinseltown.  Looking forward to a few more days on set with such a great actor and hopefully another get together with their family before they head back to California.

What a way to celebrate new life!  Hooray for friends, new and old, near and far!

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Anonymous said...

A wonderful Bunny visited your home and GREAT fun was had by all. My love, Mama


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