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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Making the "Kelly Cameron Photography" Promo Video

110402 KCP 01
Two amazing videographers, James Burniston and Karey Cannon, shot all day to create the Kelly Cameron Photography promo video that will be posted, well, everywhere I can possibly put it.
These gents are gifted, SERIOUSLY gifted, and I was smiling bigger inside and out than if I had won one million dollars.  The raw footage alone was as gorgeous as a feature film.  UGH!  Too much, too much wonderfulness!

110402 KCP 02
These shots are just a few from a snippet of the day's adventures.  We started out on South Congress street in Austin.  James and Karey shadowed me as I shot engagement portraits for a fabulous couple getting married this Fall.  Afterward we hustled back up to Georgetown and the men set up in the studio to shoot some wonderfully fun and touching testimonials.  I mean, if both of the brides that I interviewed cry because the way your work has touched their lives, I think I'm doing a decent job.  I aim for happy tears.

110402 KCP 03
Between testimonials, we jaunted out into a field near our home to catch some footage of our family.  Karey chased Wilder with his camera.  Waverley was a total ham.  Brian caught us all in a Mexican standoff with our cameras.  We were all armed and shooting.  It was glorious.

110402 KCP 04
Who's a happy elf?  Who's a happy little elf?  That's right, YOU are.

110402 KCP 05

110402 KCP 06
Why, hello there.

110402 KCP 07
Hours later and I'm still smiling.

110402 KCP 08

110402 KCP 09
The men.  Armed and, well Wilder is the only one dangerous.  He's got a rock.

The final product should be coming in about a month.  'Til then, happy dance, happy dance!  This video is going to be phenomenal!

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