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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Easter Brunch

We so enjoyed our Easter Brunch company! What a blessing to have such wonderful friends and family! Here are Bre and Adam, who asked me to shoot their wedding in September (so you'll see much more of them in the future.)
Bear, Kristine and Cody came, too -and what a delicious corn pudding Kristine made! It was wonderful meeting her and her son and Wilder LOVED his Uncle Bear time, as usual.
Megan and Caroline were too cute for words. We had a small, impromptu photo session in the studio to capture their Easter glow.

Lengthy discussions on the Amish, courtesy of Bre and Adam who are both from PA. We're working on a book highlighting our/their expertise on the subject. Oh, the joys of the Amish -a whole new world for Brian and I.
"Really? The Amish don't use rubber or plastics? Amazing. Just amazing..." Brian said.
Now we officially are sporting the "Little Prince" look. Not sure if it was the humidity or the shampoo I used on him that morning, but he certainly has some curly hair.
Papa and Wiley watching The Incredibles -or was it The Lion King? One of their favorite Disney's, which ever it was. I spy a sock that's missing. Oh, how I love my dudes.

Side note: Waverley decided it was a wonderful night to wake up at 2:30 AM and hang out with Mama. She's happily wriggling on the floor while I catch up on computer related business and fun (of which this is the latter.) Pa-LEASE go back to sleep, baby. Please!
The joys of mamahood.

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Anonymous said...

Your "Little Prince" is so precious. Hope you can nap today...... Love you, Mama


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