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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Howdy, New York!

Well here I type, here in the great state of New York! Yesterday we accomplished Tennessee and moved into Virginia, staying over in Roanoke. As you may have noticed from our first vacation/road trip post, we nixed camping and went with hotels -now THIS really feels plush! We figured good night's sleep was worth dishing out a few extra bucks instead of doing our 10+ hour driving days with 2 hours of sleep and sore limbs. We are so glad we have beds!

So how come no one ever told me how gorgeous Virginia is, huh? It's so pretty -the hills are radical, I mean, they are REALLY intense! At least the hills in southwest Virginia. It starts to level out a bit as you go north. I can't wait to get to the pictures, even though they may be a bit blurry from zipping down the road. This is definitely an American experience.

Pennsylvania stinks. Literally. Dairy farms plus spring fertilizing equals very smelly roads. Try not to breath while driving through Pennsylvania. You'll regret it if you do. At least close your mouth -otherwise it tastes like you're eating....well, I'll stop there.

(Hopping up and down) New York is so pretty!! I adore the quaint little towns, the beautiful old houses, the big trees. This whole day has been an experience of being overwhelmed with the sense of history -we agree that it's as if we are in a different country. I love America!

I would love to fill you in with how the kids have been and details of the trip, but being a mommy never stops, especially when you're packed in the car together and now trapped in a hotel room (and your toddler is bouncing all over the furniture.) Time to resume my duties.
Tomorrow we get to visit with family and meet a brand new baby! So exciting!
TTFN, Ta ta for now!


Anonymous said...

Love you all, Mama

I AM JOE PESCI said...

Totally offended!! Pennsylvania ROCKS! Ok, yeah, sometimes it is stinky too. Next time take a stop-over where my parents are. Woods, woods, woods and more woods (and no stink - unless you find the fresh scent of ferns and pinecones offensive).

I completely agree about Virginia though. Completely beautiful and breathtaking.

Enjoy your trip. Stay safe.

Anonymous said...

We just missed you guys..we will be in VA in 3 weeks :(

Have fun!


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