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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Chalk It Up To...

120325Family sm 1
I lit a fire under myself from yesterday's long overdue post.  This morning as I was prepping my gear for today's wedding and bouncing back and forth from inside to out, I grabbed a camera and documented the fun.

Today is THE most gorgeous day I've seen since winter hit.  And now that it's officially spring, I wish days like these would continue through the whole summer (and only rain on Wednesdays from 10am-3pm.  I think that'd be sufficient, don't you?)

120325Family sm 2
A birds nest Wilder has been keeping tabs on since he discovered it a few days ago.  This is the tree he climbs about 20 times a day.  I keep trying to tell him the story of how his Grandma Jane got her head pecked by a mama Robin when she unwittingly got too close to a nest one summer in her yard in Anchorage, AK, but all warning is falling on deaf ears.  He continues to climb up and peer inside.

120325Family sm 3
He wants to look at the pictures, not have them taken of him, apparently.  What's rather cute now is that Wilder will come to me and say, "Mama, you go to work?  You take the pictures?"  He loves to look at the photos, but isn't super keen on being part of the process.

And you've obviously noticed the turquoise nail polish (it's on his toes, too) and ultra small Halloween get up.  Brian was weeding through the kids clothing and Wilder's Halloween outfit from 2 years ago was in Waverley's bin.  It struck a cord and now Wilder refuses to wear anything else.  He looks like he ought to be in a bizarre ballet performance.  I'd call it "Havoc Reeked By Terrifying Toddlers."  Or maybe that'd just be the headlines once he reaches world domination.  Next year.

120325Family sm 5
You're going to see multiples of this moment because, let's face it, she's cute.  Waverley trying to hit a low branch with an amazingly oversized twig Wilder broke off yesterday.

120325Family sm 6
The ridiculousness of Wilder's outfit amazes me.  And makes me really, really happy.

120325Family sm 7

120325Family sm 8
We have no doubts about his masculinity.  He may ride a pastel Big Wheel, but he'll conquer China by Christmas.  And that's just so he can have all the Thomas the Tank Engine toys he wants.

120325Family sm 9

120325Family sm 10

120325Family sm 11
It's Aht, Dahling.

120325Family sm 12

120325Family sm 13

120325Family sm 14

120325Family sm 15
Thus defines the relationship between them.  What's his is his, what's hers is his.  Gimme that.

120325Family sm 16

120325Family sm 17
Our beautiful pear trees.  That don't produce pears.  Why are they even called pear trees if they are never supposed to make fruit?  I don't get it.

120325Family sm 18

120325Family sm 19


I AM JOE PESCI said...

Oooh! I love it all - ESPECIALLY Wilder's outfit. That kid just rocks.

Brian Patton said...

No, but his head is full of them.

Brian Patton said...

And usually so are his pockets. The washing machine dimed him out.


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