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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

America Woman, 6pm Tuesday Nights | A Girl Can Dream... And Plan

When I grow up, I'm hosting a TV show.  Could be this ^,  could be something else, but I've made this little guy my new computer wallpaper because if you don't visualize it, it won't happen.  (Hold on, I'm about to blather...)  I've been ruminating on what kind of show I want to host, planning on creating something that will inspire, entertain, instruct -basically be an enriching experience.  Apparently that doesn't make good television.  Drama paired with an insane amount of stupidity makes great television.  Well, people want to watch what they want to watch, so there you go.  Still, maybe PBS or Lifetime or TLC or one of those kind of cable stations has something...

'Til then, you stay classy San Diego.
Er... I mean, Georgetown, TX.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I would pick YOU - to bring "an enriching experience" to the masses.

I hope I can tune in soon!

All my love and support ~ Mama


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