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Thursday, July 16, 2015

We Highjacked 3 Minutes of Jen Kirkman's Netflix Special: Proof

Holy Moses.
It's been three months since I last wrote?
"Seaweeiswee?" as my kids would say.

Oh my, oh my, oh my.  SO:

Here's a quick recap of what I really wished I had kept track of and shared.

THIS Happened:

If you have Netflix, Wilder and I take up the first 3 minutes.  I mean, ya know, along with Jen Kirkman.  It's PRETTY AWESOME. Wilder was totally stoked to make some bucks by just being himself (which is my not so secret mission in life: getting paid to be me.  That's easy, right?)

Many, many thanks to casting director Sarah Dowling who kept asking if Wilder would be up for auditioning, despite my, "Oh, no -he said he really doesn't want to do acting stuff."
"Well, that's okay -actually, it's good!  They're looking for a kid who's totally ambivalent."
I had a talk with Wilder.

Very nonchalantly... "Wilder.  You think you'd like to make some money?"
"Make some money?  Yeah."
Starting off well.  "Okay, so it's with an audition."
"How much money?"
I lied just a little, saving for therapy down the road, "$100..."
His eyes bug out of his head, "A HUNDRED DOLLAS?  I could buy SO MANY LEGOS with that!!"
"Would you like to audition?" I can't tell you how hard I was trying to be all "Kid Whisperer" -like it's do big deal, sniff the back of my hand as I caaaaasually come up to you and take over your miiiind. Oh, that's Cesar Milan.  He whispers to kids, too?  I'll call him.
"Just so ya know, you'll have to audition and then if they want you to come back there's a callback and THEN if they PICK you, you'll do the job fer real.  Got it?"
All he could see were the sum total of $100 floating around like sugar plums in his head.  He was down for the action.

And apparently we nailed it.  During our improv audition Wilder flopped on my lap and his head landed near my chest, "Mind if I breastfeed?"  We had been waiting quite awhile (2 hours) and 5 month old Tennyson was in the car ready for some milk -and my boobs were about ready to pop, so it just came to mind.

And Jen?  OhmyGOSH.  I just wished I could improv and goof off with her ALL. STINKIN. DAY.  She was fabulous to work with, has such joyous and gracious attitude, and was really good at pretending to like kids.  She was a true delight to work with and I'm so happy we had the chance.  And we're, like, totally BFFs now.  She followed me on Instagram.  I mean, that's the sign of a strong relationship, right?  Planning a trip to Maaaauuuiiii -Juice Party!

Wilder is now the proud owner of more stuff and the therapy jar is just a bit fuller.

What else.... Wilder and Waverley shot a commercial together on m' birthday -their first big commercial gig (I'll share more when it's finished.  We had to sign a confidentiality contract and I think knives are involved if I divulge?)

You wanna see the baby?  Ohmygosh, he's SO BIG and still the sweetest thing ever.  You know, what?  He deserves his own posts, so hang on to your thongs and I'll catch you up on his monthly portraits.

You're gonna die from sweetness overload, so write out yer last will, m'K?


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