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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Chilling Out in CO

As I said in my last post, Colorado Springs has been voted the "Best City to Chill," and that's what we're doing. Wilder improved by the late afternoon, but then I got sick. Our greatest adventure was a trip to Walmart and a short driving tour of the city. We had to quickly turn around, though, in order to get to our hotel before I hurled. Today I'm fine (perhaps I had sympathy sickness) and Wilder is still wrestling with nausea. I think we'll spend another day hanging out at the hotel, enjoying more quality time together and keeping the room well ventilated with the delicious, crisp mountain air.

Pikes Peak is delightfully visible from my window and, thanks to yesterday's mountain snowfall, is dusted white at least 1/3 down. (On second thought, I'm not completely certain that IS Pikes Peak. Maybe it's his brother Bob's. Anyway, it's pretty.) There are so many things I still want to see -The North Pole & Santa's Workshop, the cog railroad at Pikes Peak, Manitou Springs, the scenic 19 mile drive to Pikes Peak, the Focus on the Family store and center, AND, of course, the Current and Lillian Vernon outlet stores. FABULOUS! Hopefully Wilder will be feeling well enough tomorrow and we can have a few more adventures before we leave.

In the meantime, between the puke, baths, laundry and naps, I truly am having a wonderful time and feel very at peace. I am so thankful I decided "Carpe Colorado," as Brian put it. Even if this is just a vacation destination for us, I am overjoyed to have discovered it with my little travel companion. What a trooper, and what an adventure.
We ended up going for an early afternoon walk. It was such a beautiful day and seemed like just the ticket for two recovering sick folks. Wilder dozed a bit, but enjoyed the fresh breeze and getting outside. It was great -and there was even a bike path right behind our hotel!

And guess who got to go to the Current and Lillian Vernon outlet store? ME! Then we drove a bit until Wilder starting coughing in a way that indicated we'd be doing another load of laundry soon, so we headed back to the hotel. So far, so good, though! He's had a bit to eat and is keeping his liquids in. I think he's really on the mend.


Anonymous said...

We have been following your trip and am so sorry that you guys have been sick. You are such an amazingly strong person to take such an adventure with a baby. I admire you so much.

PS Colorado Rocks


Brian said...

That's my little trailblazing duo!

I'm pretty sure you two should be adapting to the altitude sickness soon. (Assuming that's what it is). It took me a few days to stop puking my guts out when we were traipsing the Afghanistan mountains way back when, but once your body adapts to the decreased oxygen and ambient pressure, you should be fine. Of course, back then our Army PA kept insisting I was simply "dehydrated" and kept sticking me with IV's. Yeah, no kidding, Captain Obvious. I'd been throwing up water for two days straight. Ya think?

From those pictures, it seems as though Wiley has finally discovered the magical powers of the almighty Blankie. Careful, kiddo. Those things can be habit forming. I think I even tried to take mine to preschool with me. Ah, who am I kidding? I still have one now. (Although it currently goes by the moniker "haji blanket", seeing as how I bought it from a Baghdad shopkeep -- last tour. (Yes, I brought it back over with me.)

I need help.


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