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Sunday, November 9, 2008

Garden of the Oh-My-LORD!

Yesterday we took a meandering, aimless tour of the NW through SW of Colorado Springs and, MAN, am I glad I didn't plan it! I was delightfully surprised at every turn. First, as I was simply trying to find a local park -and park (but the lot was full)- we happened upon the Garden of the Gods.

Here we indulged in a shameless tourist stop -the Garden of the God's Trading Post. Filled with items directly from China.

Continuing our (nearly mapless) drive we came to The Mason Jar, a locally owned and operated restaurant that boasted the best chicken fried steak in the world. I don't know that I'd go that far, but we had a good time!

Wilder flirted up a storm and chatted with all the customers. He's just a riot!

We strolled the main street of Old Colorado City (again, by accident) and, I have got to say, I have never met so many friendly, happy shop owners. Even though we barely bought anything, every owner or shop clerk, with great sincerity, wished us a wonderful day and thanked us for coming into their store.

We followed a road that was to lead us to a few more state parks and here's the view of Colorado Springs. Granted, there's more on the left and right, but it this was the best shot.

Doesn't it take your breathe away?! So many scenes floored me as we drove on and on, up and up (then down and down,) winding our way around the mountains and finding more trails and parking areas than I ever could have imagined.

When I become famous, I want a waterfall named after me, too, gosh darn it! :)

We would have walked the trail, but Wilder was in a rare moment of nap-itude and I definitely didn't want to disrupt that.
Some sculptures at a private residence.

Doesn't it remind you of "It's a Small World"?
Headed back in the direction of our hotel, Wilder woke up just as I spied this pottery shop.

I had wanted to find some local pottery that wasn't at gallery prices and this was definitely the ticket. Joan has her studio and shop in their converted garage and sells exclusively here. Thankfully (for Brian) I had limited cash and no checks, but I was able to take home two beautiful, functional pieces and am so delighted for the kismet experience.

Oh, you've got to love the CO hippies. I had to snap a picture of this van I was stopped behind. Too fun!

Well, today our plans were to head up Pikes Peak and also check out Manitou Springs, but, sadly Wilder has a stomach flu. So I've been doing laundry and helping him feel as comfortable as possible, hoping he will soon be on the mend. It's snowing on the mountains so tomorrow, if Wiley's better, we'll get to adventure in the snow! Hooray!

CO Springs was voted the "Best Place to Chill," as well as the "Fittest City" and I can see why. For me, this is heaven. The beauty of the area and the laid back spirit make you feel right at ease. Also, I have NEVER seen so many trails, bike paths, sidewalks and parks EVER, ANYWHERE --and they are EVERYWHERE! It's also one of the most dog friendly cities and a large part of me is kicking myself for not bringing Savannah. But I think I have my hands full enough... Next time. Definitely next time.

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Anonymous said...

I've been thinking about you two. What a fun and grand adventure you are on. The scenic vistas ARE breath taking. Sure hope Wiley is all better in the morning. Take care and I look forward to your next post. xo Mama


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