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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Oh, The Places You'll See

You're looking at the proud new owner of a 2010 Cougar X-Lite RV (model #29BHS, since you asked), from Georgetown Crestview RV. So what the heck are we going to do with an RV? For now we're testing it out. Who knows, we may like it so much it will become our permanent residence. We're planning our first little adventure for the beginning of June and will use it when I do a bridal show next month in San Antonio. And why did we buy...an RV?? We got bit by the travel bug on our latest roadtrip and we've got the sickness. Bad. And we like it.

We ain't waitin' around until we're old and wrinkly to see America and live out our dreams. And right now our dreams are to have quality time with each other, visit extended family, see the U.S., live outdoors and work for ourselves. We intend to do all of those things and we've just taken the first -and very big- step towards achieving our goals.

It won't be difficult convincing Wilder that RV travel is the bees knees, sampling the finest dirt and rocks across America.

That famous quote (so famous I can't remember who said it...) keeps coming to mind, you know, the one about how it's not the destination but the journey that really counts in life? That's the way we look at it.

So we're planning on having A LOT of fun. Who's up for a visit? We'll be seein' you soon!


I AM JOE PESCI said...

oh my gosh. you are the coolest people i know - hands down.

last year when we were in PA, we went to this rural place/town called Mehoopany. it was the most beautiful place on earth, i swear. We walked along this dirt road with rolling hills ahead of us and a river running beside us. i could cry just thinking of that beautiful place. anyway, parked by the side of the river was an rv - and it looked like that was its permanent parking spot - they had dropped their anchor, so to speak - had an outdoor picnic table and outdoor grill complete with chimney. i think those are the luckiest and most blessed people alive to call that place home and to be surrounded by it. and so blessed because they could pick up at anytime and go on another adventure.

many good and wonderful wishes for your adventures!

my favorite "traveling" quote: Ralph Waldo Emerson, "Do not go where the path may lead. Go instead where there is no path . . . and leave a trail."

Happy trails to you!

Anonymous said...

I hope we are on your itinerary.
Love, Mama


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